Thursday, June 21, 2007

Single to anywhere, please

Am not entirely sane of mind. The reason for this is that I am on a rather interesting cocktail of (legal) drugs for the range of symptoms I am suffering from.

They're quite exciting and they're making all kinds of pretty shapes in my vision. It really does make dull things more exciting to look at when there are pretty patterns in front of them! They've also made the headache I've had for what seems a million years go away, but I'm still finding it quite tricky to breathe. It was just as well I didn't go to Brussels really, as it's been quite a kerfuffle over there.

Got a phone call from colleague who is out there that the Belgian police, instructed by we can only guess had ordered a peaceful protest to the new EU Treaty up for discussion to be taken down.

When they asked why they were taking the peaceful protest down, which was placed on an area called 'Area of Free Expression' the officer in charge said "because I can". That's nice, isn't it! He was also asked whether or not the removal of any opposition to the new EU Treaty, which is essentially the EU Constitution but without the dreaded C-word (yes, yes it is. Everyone else in the EU is quite prepared to say so except our lying, cheating politicians who should all be hung, drawn and quartered. Even Merkel herself and the hateful Giscard D'Estaing)was politically motivated, which he refused to answer.

He threatened to arrest three MEPs there: UKIP leader Nigel Farage, the party chairman Dr John Whittaker and the London MEP Gerard Batten. When it was pointed out that they had immunity as elected representatives of some 2.6 million British people the police said they didn't care and that they would "put them in a cell for 12 hours and sort it out there."

I wonder if they would bother to tell them what they were being arrested for? For not agreeing with the Euro-Elite? For having the audacity to point out that sneaking around for months holding secret meetings with civil servants, Ministers being called in front of MPs and not answering their questions about what the Treaty is going to say and for ignoring the calls of people across the EU that they don't want any more integration is a bad thing?

They were asked on what authority they were taking the protest away from, and the answer that came was "a higher authority." That's nice. Someone just says, 'take down the perfectly peaceful opposition to what we are doing here as the TV cameras are on it and they're representing the views of rather too many people' and it is done.

I really do wonder what people think they are doing. Like my favourite journalist George Pascoe-Watson when he refuses to mention UKIP in anything, even when talking about the EU, and in the paper today has an article by William Hague who has completely sold out on the EU, talking about the damage the treaty might do. But hold on, William Hague thinks the EU is a good idea! Ah, well. Why should politicians have to stand by what they promised the electorate when there are political editors out there quite willing to ignore facts and pander to their needs to convince eurorealists that they aren't the EU loving numpties that we know they are.

But back to Brussels. Or not, in my case. On the table is, once again, the possibility that Britain give up her veto in Justice and Home Affairs. Blair has said that he won't do this, but this is a man who took us into an illegal war, told us the EU Constitution was like the Beano and thinks that this country is in a good shape, so quite frankly I'd sooner believe my dead grandma than him.

A quick summary of the main issues on this from one of my previous posts:

Transferring Justice and Home Affairs issues into the first pillar would mean that all proposals to harmonise criminal law across the EU and matters of police cooperation would:
• Be agreed on by Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) in the Council of Ministers
• Come under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice which has until now had only a very restricted say on third pillar matters
• Gradually confer more power over criminal matters to the EU. Once the EU gains competence in a certain area the member states lose the right to propose new laws in that field of law
• Give the EU Commission the sole right to initiate legislation in these matters. By gaining a monopoly over the right to propose laws on criminal justice and police cooperation the EU Commission would enjoy greater power than it would have received from the EU Constitution under which it would have had to share the right to propose new laws.

With decisions being made by the Council of Ministers, it has already turned the British Constitution on its head, by allowing ministers - supposed 'servants' if one knows Latin these days - to dictate to Parliament. Now, even if a British minister votes against a proposal in the Council, he cannot put it out to pasture. Instead, the British Parliament would have to enact laws made by foreign ministers, unelected by the British public which were not supported by the British representative.

I'm sure I've mentioned them before, but this EU police force is already in existence:
EGF responds to the need to rapidly conduct all the spectrum of civil security actions, either on its own or in parallel with the military intervention, by providing a multinational and effective tool.

Their logo is a grey cruciform sword pointing upward; a grey flaming grenade, overlapped to the sword and surrounded by a grey laurel crown; 12 yellow five-points-stars upright, around the grenade and the sword.

According to the website:


On a background of blue sky, the cruciform sword symbolizes the force, the laurel crown the victory, and the flaming grenade the common military roots of the police forces; the twelve golden stars represent the twelve stars of the EU flag.

If an inflatable bulldozer can result in incarceration based on political opinions are happening only a few miles away where our own Prime Minister is present, what will happen in the future when we have armed police forces who are answerable to people who are unelected and unaccountable to the people of this country, and who are governed by the European Court, who has a mission statement of furthering the cause of the European Union.

I have seen the future, and I do not like it.

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