Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let them eat cake..

Trixy is a bit miffed, so she's going to have a rant. Why am I so miffed? I hear you cry?

Because of this greasy, orange, contemptible canker:

who has taken it upon himself to tell our defunct outgoing Prime Minister to 'ignore popular opinion in the UK'.

Erm, what?

Tony Blair was elected by, admittedly the minority, of people in this country to represent them and their views, and therefore his job is not to push ahead with signing a Treaty which may well secure a new job for him but would hand over yet more sovereignty to Brussels but to listen to what they say.

And they are saying that they don't want this Treaty, and that they want a referendum. A referendum which we have been repeatedly promised, and yet have not had since 1975. That means people like me, and even Nigel Farage MEP, have not had a chance to inform our government what we think of the EU in a straight forward question.

Mr Barroso was talking to the European Parliament yesterday when he said:

You know about the UK, and the respect I have for your country. We have to stand up in front of our national public opinions, not give up to some of the populisms we have in our member states.

Right, let me have a little look in my dictionary...
Populism: policies which appeal to the common person rather than according with traditional party or partisan ideologies.

Sounds rather like 'democracy' to me.

So Mr Barroso, who was not elected by the people of this country and yet heads an organisation which even this government admits makes most of the new laws now governing us, who is paid with the contributions of the British tax payer, is telling our Prime Minister to ignore what we, the British people think, because it's not what he wants.

Well, tough, Mr Barroso. You, as an unelected, unaccountable apparatchik do not have any right to tell the person who is supposed to be representing us to ignore us. Why should we not have a say over the future of our country, our jobs, our laws and our lives?

The reason so many people in this country don't want to be governed by the EU is because you make monumentally bad decisions which only further the interests of paid up Commissioners, Eurocrats and businesses and industries who don't want to have to face globalisation and become more competitive. 69% of people in this country according to polls, either want to take back power from the EU (30%) or for Britain to withdraw altogether (29%).

You might not like that, especially in light of our money which you spend telling us and our children (through your one sided, malicious propaganda like the Europa diary sent out to 16 year olds to brain wash them)how great the EU is, the British people can see through your plans. That's tough on you, quite frankly, because it's not our job to make sure you have a cushy little number whether we like what you do or not.

In just over a week Blair will be going to Brussels for the European Summit where he will in all likelihood, sign up to proposals for an EU Constitution. It might not be called an EU Constitution, but that is just semantics. I don't care what it's called, I care what it does, and what it will do is take away more power from national governments, who are directly elected and accountable, and give them to the EU.

Mr Barroso has called on Mr Blair to "have the courage" and scrap more national vetos. This includes Justice and Home Affairs, which I have written about before, which will be devastating to this country and to democracy.

This Treaty is unprecedented in the way it has been formed. We aren't even going to have a debate about it, it's all being done with meetings between Heads of State, so the public and the media can't find out what evil they are plotting and try to stop them in their plans. Normally when we have a Treaty, the details are decided first, people are aware of the content, and the big meetings are to discuss the headlines. This time, the headlines are being discussed (far away from anyone who might object) and the details are being left for another day, hoping that we will all lose interest and not realise what they are putting into action.

So what we have here is an outgoing Prime Minister planning to sign up to a Treaty which he will not give us a referendum on (because he knows he will lose it), the content of which we are not allowed to know or debate and which he is lying to us about by saying, once again, that it's a 'tidying up exercise'.

It's not a tidying up exercise, it's another Treaty which will take powers away. We should be fuming about this. We should be in uproar at the way we are being treated by this government, who are once again taking the chronic piss out of us, whilst we sit back and let them. It's no good expecting the Tories to provide any kind of rational opposition, because they have handed away sovereignty to Brussels hand over fist when they have had the opportunity.

So if you don't want Blair to sign this Treaty, can we all kick up a bit of a fuss? I myself am going over to Brussels for it and shall, hopefully, be running some kind of a commentary as the evening progresses.

I hope the people of this country take an interest and realise what is going on, because if they don't, then to be honest I don't see why we just don't throw democracy away now.

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