Monday, June 25, 2007

what next?

I am sure we have all seen this morning that the Scottish Executive, to bring Scotland into line with the rest of the EU, have decided to threaten people who wear unlicensed sporrans with a fine, or even prison. Oh, yes. Even if those sporrans were bought 13 years ago, you must dig them out and pop down to the sporran licensing office.

Just one question: How come badgers are now endangered, according to the EU, and yet we are regularly getting debates on the radio (particularly 4) about the need to cull badgers? Am I missing something? Or perhaps it is the law of unintended consequences which normally emerges from the quagmire of doom and ignorance that is the European Union?

I made a quick phone call to the lovely people at MAC to ask what their brushes were made of. They told me that the natural hair ones I have were from pony and squirrel, and that they brushed them off the little creatures rather than kill them for their tails or something, so I am okay. She asked me why, and I said that, well, if I was a water colour painter I could be in trouble and have to register them all or face a fine, because proper water colour brushes are made from sable. And if you don't, then don't put it past these people not to have organised the 'paintbrush police' and 'secret sporran services' since people have already been in trouble for owning an unlicensed having brush. Am not kidding.

She asked me what the world was coming to, with all this bureaucracy.

That's what I like about the girls at MAC: they do great make up, but they're also libertarians. Maybe I should go back to being a make up artist. The people I used to work with spoke more sense than the people in Westminster, I can tell you...

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Hugh Miller said...

I sincerely believe that the problem is the same as you see in council departments - people have to think up these things to justify their jobs.

We all know that there are too many people working in government. Remember Broon's cull of 80,000 which turned out to be fake because the same year they emplyed 120,000 in new posts?