Wednesday, June 20, 2007

a bit quiet

It's been rather quiet here at Chez Trixy and that is because I am rather ill. Took a nasty bang to the head and now keep on going all wobbly all over London.

Thankfully, the boyfriend is being wonderful and looking after me, but I have no inspiration for politics, and even if I did want to blog something I'd probably forget and then not be able to spell things properly.

I am sure once I have seen the neurologist I will be better soon



Anonymous said...

Really sorry about that chuck, get well soon.

Love and xxxx's

Big Chip Dale said...

That's terrible news. Hope you're feeling better soon. In fact, I hope you're feeling better right this minute. That's an order.

Trixy said...

Thank you!

Am feeling marginally better due to cocktail of drugs. I went to the doctor and told them that you had told me I had no choice, so they did so...