Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tories hypocrisy on education

I am baffled that the "two-brains Willetts" thinks that

"We must break free from the belief that academic selection is any longer the way to transform the life chances of bright poor kids,"

In a recent report by Bristol University, it was found that children from poor backgrounds do particularly well in grammar schools.
For the minority of poor children who do gain a place in a grammar school, the advantage this bestows appears to be greater than for more affluent children

Of course, due to the policies of recent governments, there are not enough grammar schools in the country to ensure that all bright children have the option of going to a grammar school. What this achieves is a system where children with richer parents can either afford to send their child to a private school, or they can afford to move house to an area where there is a grammar school, where house prices will be more expensive.

I am please that the party I belong to, the UK Independence Party, believes that there should be a grammar school in every town.

The comments by the Tory party show the sheer level of hypocrisy they are willing to sink to, especially when you consider that five members of the shadow cabinet went to grammar school, as did Baroness Thatcher. So it's okay for them to have a quality education, but not for poor children.

That's nice.

By abandoning grammar schools we are holding back brightest children from all areas of society, to the detriment of the whole country. Simple.

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james higham said...

The UKIP appear to be the only party with a cogent policy on this issue.