Sunday, May 13, 2007

Commies are okay

Very few things irritate the sandal wearing leftie brigade who enjoy knitting their own knickers more than pointing out that the Nazis were National Socialists. In the European Parliament, they hate it almost as much as they hate people pointing out that Communism was, in terms of numbers killed, a far nastier regime than aforementioned jackboot wearing evil bastards. It's just as well for the Communists who sit as MEPs in the European Parliament that they think like that. Oh, yes. There are a group of people who were elected as Communists and who sit as Communists, along with lovely people like Sinn Fein, and no one bats an eyelid.

Not quite the same as the reaction to the 'right wing' group who formed a few months ago, who are made up of MEPs, some of whom were elected on a right wing ticket, where people said that they shouldn't be allowed to form a group. Or sit as MEPs, I am sure.

I dislike both sides immensely. As a libertarian, I find them extremely distasteful. I also find that the biased nature that left wing nut jobs are okay, but right ones
aren't rather raises my blood pressure.

From the IHT here is another example of why Communism is okay in the European Union:

BRUSSELS, Belgium: A leading Polish member of the European Parliament who
refused to submit a declaration that he did not cooperate with communist-era secret police will not have his mandate revoked, his political group said Saturday, after Poland's highest court struck down legislation requiring him to do so.

Bronislaw Geremek, 75, a former dissident and foreign minister, faced losing his
mandate after refusing to comply with the controversial law, which he said violated moral rules and threatened the freedom of speech. The warning by Polish officials that he could be stripped of his duties caused a stir in the EU assembly, and all major political groups stood by Geremek.

Poland's Constitutional Tribunal on Friday struck down parts of the controversial new law requiring that up to 700,000 Poles be screened for past collaboration with the communist-era secret police. Geremek's group, the Liberal Democrats, said this means he can keep his mandate as an EU parliamentarian

I suppose given that there have been claims made that the former President of the Commission is rather fond of Communism, and some of the current shower of shitsCommissioners have somewhat dubious pasts this should not really come as a surprise.

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Fidothedog said...

I have watched that many times on You Tube and it always make me laugh.

Sums up the EU.