Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Poor Spam

Back in March the Boy Blunder was in Brussels speaking at the launch of the new group called the Movement for European Reform which wanted a new EU agenda for the 21st century. I'd quite like one of those, where the UK is out of the EU and we can have some democracy, free trade, a free markets approach to business and small government. I don't think Davey-Boy and his pals share my thoughts, though, as they seem to rather like the EU, despite the fact it is holding back development and globalisation.

One of the groups that Spam wanted to join his little group of centre-right fun was the SDS (or UDF in English) has not done that well in the Bulgarian European Elections, though....

Right-wing parliamentary formations SDS and DSB failed to clear the electoral bar of 5.6% and will not participate in the shareout of the 18 MEPs seats that were up for grabs.

What will anyone offer me for Tory MEPs still being in the EPP in 2010?

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