Tuesday, May 08, 2007

predictive text

A friend has just text me saying that thanks to predictive text, she almost sent a rather inappropriate text message to her boss. She wanted to talk about the preso (presentation) but her phone decided that actually, what she wanted to talk about was sperm. Nice.

The ones which amuse me are the dirty type which don't come out quite as planned. A male friend of mine was rather bemused when he received a request from a young lady asking him to 'duck my aunt', which he felt was rather unusual as he hadn't even met her parents. Even more strange was the request for him to'Kick my yet puppy'. Odd what gets some people off.

Also, why would I want to use the word 'sub' instead of 'pub'? Why does my phone not know my name, and instead use the word 'concaldekle'? Why has it not learnt that while 'knickers' is a word, 'logaless; isn't. Neither is 'locales?' a suitable alternative for 'knackered'.

It's all rather strange.

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james higham said...

Good thing I have no phone.