Thursday, May 03, 2007

How to bring elderly relatives into the country

Any of you out there have relatives living abroad who could do with some free health care? Perhaps you have a new wife who you'd quite like to bring into the country without the bother of the usual immigration obstacle course?

THE owner of a fish and chip shop says he was shocked to be contacted by an advice centre for immigrants offering to help him bring elderly relatives into the country for health treatment.

Evan Llewellyn-Jones, who runs Llew’s in Bridgend, says he was so incensed that he contacted the head office of Ukip, the UK Independence Party.

Mr Llewellyn-Jones, a former miner and oil rig worker who set up his own business in the 1980s, said, “Some people who don’t realise that Llew is a Welsh name appear to think the fish and chip shop is a Chinese takeaway. I have received material in the past in Chinese which I haven’t understood but which I assume was offering to sell me rice etc.

Well, that's nice, isn't it. It's not as if the NHS, monumental statist, centrist Stalin-like organisation that it is, isn't already failing miserably at providing a decent service comparable with the rest of the developed world. It's not like the welfare bill in this country is massively exceeded by national insurance payments; indeed, that source of government income, despite a rise of 10% under this 'government' does not even cover pensions.

What state have we got to that private businesses are reduced to this pitiful state of money making which, conversely, make the country worse off:

“A few days ago I received a leaflet from an organisation called the Newport Immigration Advice Centre offering a range of services, including ‘advice and application on how to bring elderly people to the UK for medical treatment’. Other services include advice on bringing elderly parents or relatives to visit the UK, how to bring people to the UK on a work permit, how to bring a newly married wife or husband into the country, how to bring students to the UK and so on, including helping people to extend their stay in the UK and appeal when they are turned down.

“Obviously the body from Newport also thought that I was running a Chinese takeaway. Perhaps they looked us up in the Yellow Pages.

I suppose we are lucky that they made a mistake in who they sent their literature out to and the Western Mail and UKIP exposed this company for the morally bankrupt, unpatriotic bastards that they are.

You can read the whole thing here

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