Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yes, I'll talk to David; yes, sure.

The story today, after Lord Pearson has wonderfully won the vote to be the new leader of the UK Independence Party, reaffirms to me that I support a party which puts country first.

The Times ran the story in an interview with the new leader in which he reveals that after discussing with Nigel Farage the two UKIP Lords went to Tom Strathclyde to see if there could be some arrangement.

Seems perfectly sensible to me: try to come to some arrangement on democracy before you go in for a fight in the General Election. After all, most activists would agree that it's time we had the chance to say how our money is spent and who governs us.

And that the Tories rejected it says all you need to know about their position on the EU which is that they don't want the British people to have a free and fair referendum on how we are governed. I don't see how it's possible to argue otherwise: they have the opportunity not to have another competitor when they are wetting their pants to gain power. And weren't they triumphing how Britain would have been safe with them? For Cameron it's all about keeping quiet, staying safe and staying part of the EU. Well, bless him. No. 10 appears to be his long game and the poor man's so dumb he thinks that our membership provides jobs and everyone who worked in an export industry would get fired if we left political union. That's naive in a junior debating championship but the last decade has demonstrated that it's not ideal having an economic retard in charge of the country.

Localism, direct democracy and Boris Johnson as you're head of the Met. Remember that stuff? Well, we can see from Liz Truss, all women short lists and the complete refusal to allow us to have our say, that the Tories couldn't give a flying fuck what you think, so why don't you sit there and be quiet rather than worrying your pretty little head about it.

The Today Programme interviewed Lord Pearson this morning which simply fills my little heart with joy at the different language used by the tired, grey suited career politicians who can't answer questions and people who are in this game because they genuinely want to achieve something. Not just the 'thank you, bless you' at the end of the interview either but the wonderful chance we get to know that the leading current affairs programme doesn't know anything about the new appointee in the world of EU finance. Well, why should they? I don't think it's been much reported, like the EU military mission in Somalia at a time when the government is demonstrating its latest hatred of the Armed Forces and needs more troops in Ghanners, if the top brass rather than Gordon Brown are to be believed.

An EU financial policy. A financial policy by people who don't even have their accounts audited and who, in the midst of perilous financial times, award themselves an additional 10% of our bloody money so they can waste it on living it up, talking shit and telling us how to live our lives.

They're so damned interfering and stupid one isn't even allowed lightbulbs which don't lead to severe bruising from furniture past sundown, let alone owners of businesses to decide who they employ and trade deals which don't land us with unnecessarily large bills whilst allowing the people in developing countries to starve.

I fucking hate them, I really do.


James Higham said...

After all, most activists would agree that it's time we had the chance to say how our money is spent and who governs us.

Which is AA's whole raison d'etre. People need to take this right up to them and not take no for an answer.

Trixy said...

AA? I like a drink but I don't think I have a problem...

subrosa said...

I haven't been following your party much Trixy, but I have to admit I watched Lord Pearson's interview on Channel 4 News and I found his demeanor rather refreshing. Such a change from the tape recorders in grey suits.

ukipwebmaster said...

This just in via UKIP Bournemouth West:

UKIP will officially launch its National Campaign for a Referendum on EU membership in London tomorrow.
The launch coincides with the date the Lisbon Treaty takes full effect.
A campaign petition demands that the next Government gives the people of the UK a chance to vote on our membership of the EU. People can sign the petition online or by filling in one of the millions of leaflets distributed by UKIP supporters and others.
New UKIP Leader Lord Pearson of Rannoch will join Nigel Farage, MEPs and MPs at the launch which has already won strong cross-party support.
The event will be held on College Green, tomorrow Tuesday. December 1 at 10.25am