Saturday, November 14, 2009

Childish I know

So 1000 anti war protestors have braved the weather for a march past in Edinburgh where the annual NATO Parliamentary Assembly is taking place.

The usual people were there: students, people in back packs, anti nuclear protestors who don't really understand about defence but are jolly good at making parsnip wine and some families of dead soldiers. Fair enough for the latter, but most soldiers do want to continue with the fighting.

Also joining the march, and bringing joy to my heart, was Dutch senator Tiny Koxx.

That's right, Tiny Koxx.

I couldn't give a fuck about the old moaners who will never understand the Armed Forces and quite frankly am not going to give them and their silly march any more publicity.

So I'll just say the fact that there's a Dutch Senator called 'Tiny Koxx' again and smile.

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