Sunday, November 08, 2009

rock and a bloody hard place

And not a good hard place. Not, like, a floor with a back injury or somewhere sturdy when you need to plane a door so it doesn't stick in the frame.

Bad hard place and bad rock.

After abandoning plans to hold a referendum on Europe, following last week’s ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, Mr Hague said the Tories accepted that constitutional reform would not be on the EU agenda for some years.

And while the party remained Euro-sceptic, a Conservative Government would not get into a “bust-up” over its new policy of seeking to negotiate opt-outs in a number of areas of European policy and pass a sovereignty bill to stop further powers being repatriated for some time to come...

Right, so no decent hand when it comes to negotiation and now they've told the buggers that they'll effectively just pussfoot around pracitising the French they learnt during the skiing season when they were at uni.
“We will be working with our European partners on climate change, on the single market, on free trade and so on. That will be our responsibility and we will do that very well.”

Oh fuck me. You can't have free trade when you're part of a European Union which has a common external tariff. It also uses 'human rights an that' to impose Western standards of work, employment and other such things on poor countries who desperately need to trade to remove themselves from a subsistence living. And that's without the bastard EU trotting along and buying up their fishing rights then spending our tax money on Leer jets and mercedes for their dictators (that's 'foreign aid', by the way).

So bascially what the Tories are going to do is a big, fat dollop of fuck all. They'll pretend that we haven't transferred most of our law making abilities to the EU and ponce around here having debates about duck houses.

It's as futile as the Scottish blithering on about independence when they still want to be in the EU and Northern Irish politicians debating about policing when the Lisbon Treaty's been signed.

Nut jobs. Read some EU legislation. Have a quick look at the treaty that these bastards have signed you up to and then realise that if you're a British politician, unless you're an MEP outside of a large group with loads of staff, then you can concern yourself with wondering if those scatter cushions would look nice in your office and where to go next recess.

And if you're a voter then blame yourself when you vote Lib/Lab/Con and nothing changes.

I'll be here, ready to say I told you so.

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Marc said...

"Oh fuck me. You can't have free trade when you're part of a European Union which has a common external tariff."

They don't even have free trade internally, it's a complete myth that they do. See for just one example out of many - also sign the petition there to try and make some kind of a difference.

Touting the EU as a free trade bloc is the worst lie of all, if you ask me.