Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holding politicians to account - Ashton, CND and a perfectly acceptable question

Today MEP Nigel Farage, democratically elected, questioned non elected - ever - High Commissioner Ashton over her CND history.

This is the same Nigel Farage who exposed to the parliament in 2004 that one of the European Commissioners - more powerful than MPs - had a conviction for embezzlement.

Baroness Ashton, rewarded for bulldozing the hateful Lisbon Constitution through the House of Lords - is in charge of EU foreign and security policy and used to me a member of CND.

The security service (MI5) has carried out surveillance of CND members it considered to be subversive. From the late 1960s until the mid-1970s, MI5 designated CND as subversive by virtue of its being "communist controlled". (Its chair from 1971-77, John Cox, was a member of the Communist Party.) From the late 1970s, it was downgraded to "communist-penetrated". MI5 says it has no current investigations in this area.

Mr Farage was questioning whether Ashton was a suitable candidate for the post because of her past associations with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), given that she will be in charge of the external security of the European Union. He had asked specifically whether Baroness Ashton had accepted cash on behalf of CND from the 'enemies of western capitalism and democracy'.

To which he was told that he:
'restrain his language and refrain from making unacceptable comments in the chamber'.

Perhaps one of our MPs or MEPs who voted for the Parliamentary President why we cannot question people who are in charge of us?

Gordon Brown, David Miliband; do you think it's acceptable that freedom of speech is being forbidden in a chamber which is the only part where the tax payers have an input, is condemned?

Do you think that this is something that should be brought to Westminster or would you speak out and say that actually asking a question which is timely and relevant is something which politicians - spokesmen of the people - should do?

Or will you and the media just fucking ignore it and focus on Katie Price and the fact that she's still a silicone pumped moron?

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