Sunday, November 15, 2009

What time has told us

That Lady Thatcher was right.

"Perhaps being totally incompetent in monetary matters they'd be only too delighted to hand over the fully resposibilitieis to the IMF, to a Central Bank...

So yes the right honourable gentlemen would be glad to hand it all over.

What is the point of trying to get elected to Parliament on to hand over your Sterling and to hand over the powers of this house to Europe?"

This shows that the appalling Labour Party have not changed from the days when they were in opposition and this country had a strong and decisive leader in Mrs Thatcher. Alas, what has changed is that David Cameron is not fit to lick the shoes of the great lady who knew that when she was elected to be Prime MInister of this country she had a love and responsibility which meant she wasn't going to hand it anywhere.

It's much the same with the Queen, I suppose. History has been littered with having to try correct the mistakes of men but what we clearly need is a Matriarchal society as women actually give a fuck about what they're dealing with, rather than just themselves.

What Mrs Thatcher had to say following Norman Tebitt's comments about the binding of Parliament is exactly what's just happened with this sickening Labour government. No Parliament should be able to bind another and the British people should be able to vote in General Elections to change things. But what these grey suited dullards more interested in cocktail parties and their property portfolio than in actually governing have allowed is the Lisbon Treaty which has changed our political landscape drastically for the worst. The only way we'll be able to get back to a situation where British people can control their own future is by leaving the European Union and replacing it with a simple free trade agreement.

I wish we had her back, or at least MPs in Westminster who not only talk about what happens at these European Summits but that a Prime Minister came back and talked about how they fought for the independence of our Parliament and for our country to be a democracy and a sovereign state.


Sue said...

I agree with you on Thatcher but the Queen has disappointed me. She has willingly allowed our sovereign state to be handed over without a by your leave!

ukipwebmaster said...

Ten years on:

Dick Puddlecote said...

While I fully back the rest of this article, I'm not having this.

"History has been littered with having to try correct the mistakes of men but what we clearly need is a Matriarchal society as women actually give a fuck about what they're dealing with, rather than just themselves."

Apart from the fact that Labour's front bench has consisted of some of the most egregious bansturbators and ideology-suckers ever seen, since 1997.

Still your usual great stuff notwithstanding. ;-)

James Higham said...

What you say here is precisely the point of the Alliance - to try to get to them before they hand it over to Europe. It's still not a done deal.

Ted Treen said...

"...but what we clearly need is a Matriarchal society..."

Whilst, dear Lady, I would not dream of entering into antagonistic discourse, might I enquire if said 'Matriarchal society' would incorporate Patricia Hewitt, Hazel Blears, Harriet Harman inter alia?

S said...

It was Thatcher who forced the Single European Act through Parliament and paved the way for the current disaster. Also forcing Britan into the ERM at an artificially inflated rate against the Deutschemark which practically bankrupted the nation. Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth sat on her hands and kept silent while the country was sold out wholesale to foreign interests. May these two traitors rot in hell eternally for their crimes.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@Ted Treen: I believe that the Lovely One wishes to convey the following message to you:

"Whilst they may have knockers, gorgons aren't included in a matriarchal society."