Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tory EU policy "a bloody mess" shock romp

So. iDave yesterday confirmed what most people who understand the EU have known for a while; namely that the Tory policy on the Lisbon Treaty is a mess. Such a mess, in fact, that I've heard they've appointed a new shadow 'Europe' minister:

In the European Election campaign both Cameron and Hague's performances indicated that they had absolutely no cohesive policy on the EU and our membership of it or even the right of the British people to have a say on it.

Ireland, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic have not endorsed it yet, but are likely to do so before the British general election next year.

In that case, a new Tory government would have to decide whether to hold a British referendum on a ratified treaty, something that other EU leaders say would effectively be an in-or-out choice on Britain’s entire EU membership.

Mr Cameron has repeatedly refused to say what he will do if he comes to power with the treaty ratified, saying only that he will “not let matters rest.”

In an LBC radio interview, the Tory leader said that if the treaty is ratified, “new circumstances” will apply, suggesting a new Tory policy will be needed.

So basically what Cameron will do is hide behind the other countries and deny the British the right to have their say. Our choice is basically being decided by some other countries because the Tories are determined not to grow a pair.
"If this treaty is still alive, if it is still being discussed and debated anywhere in Europe, then we will give you that referendum, we will name the date during the election campaign, we'll hold that referendum straight away and I will lead the campaign for a No," he said.

I suspect that he won't actually, because he doesn't really understand it and his track record so far is to use the EU when he thinks it's helpful to him in the media and the rest of the time to studiously ignore it.
"Now, if those circumstances change, if the Germans ratify, if the Poles ratify, if the Czechs ratify, if the Irish vote Yes to the treaty, then a new set of circumstances [apply], and I will address those at the time."

Translation: "I've no fucking idea and I'm hoping that someone else will make the decision for me."
He went on to signal that he would not consider a move that could lead to Britain leaving the EU.

So that's a referendum once the Treaty's been ratified, then. Glad we've cleared that one up.
He said: "I want us to be in the European Union. We are a trading nation, we should be co-operating with our allies and friends in Europe over things like the environment and crime, of course we should."

Oh Dave, you just don't get it. You haven't a clue. You are not intelligent enough to be our Prime Minister if you can't grasp basic economics and think that it's acceptable to bankrupt the nation with Green Lies and that people should be thrown in foreign police cells on the basis of a magistrate in another EU country.

Andrew Symeou has been in prison in Greece, sharing a cell with murderers, for a lot longer than 42 days and yet the great Champion of Liberty David Davis and the Tory Party who are supposed to want freedom and democracy have absolutely nothing to say on this issue.

Now, if anyone can find the newsnight episode from the 2nd September I'll be forever in your debt.


ukipwebmaster said...

All of Europe wants a vote on Lisbon:

Willy said...

A "yes" a "no" and a "maybe".

Well done Biroface.

No wonder the BNP's following is growing.

At least they talk straight, and have clear policies.

Trixy said...

What the BNP talk is bollocks. And lies in the case of certain elected officials if I recall. Oh, sorry. That was a mistake. He didn't really mean to antagonise the local population and scare them into voting for him.

James Higham said...

We wait for tomorrow.

Angry Exile said...

Funnily enough Trixy has a poll going up in the top right hand corner, and after voting for the bunny boiler option I noticed it asking me if I wanted to change my vote. So Trixy.... you copying the pro-EU Irish or are they copying you? ;-)

Trixy said...

Nothing to do wiv me, guv! I voted to string the bastard up and blogger recorded it as 'offer oral favours'. Must be EUBlog.

Libertarian said...

Have you seen the latest poll on ConservativeHome 8 out of 10 tories want a referendum on Lisbon "come what may"

By the way you left off the most obvious option on your poll which is to run off with a "libertarian" and enjoy lots of fun!