Sunday, October 04, 2009

My great TV programme idea

Many thanks to Nutty Cow for telling me about this great programme called 'Four Weddings' and inspiring my creative juices.

It's a programme called bathrooms or bitching or bitching in bathrooms or fanny flapping or some such. It's all a work in progress at the moment but the general idea is there.

Women bitch.

Women like to listen / watch other people bitching which is why there are channels like Living TV and magazines like Heat.

When women go to the bathroom they bitch. This is usually increased with the consumption of alcohol.

So why don't we have a reality TV programme based on listening into conversations of women in bathrooms in restaurants, offices, parties, clubs etc up and down the country. We will have to have some clips to the footage going on outside to put it into context and that would also give opportunities for everyone to have an opinion in all of 10 seconds based on an outfit or hair colour or job. Maybe we could even stir it up a bit. You know, Get the Cabinet to meet in a titty slag bar and then listen to Harridan Harperson go mad as she has to go to the loo with some women who 10 minutes ago were smearing fanny sweat around a pole. Or even the ladies' loos in the cabinet office and listen to the women bitch about each other. We'd get some government secrets then.

And as they're going to be kicked out soon, I pray to God and his little angels on bicycles, it's not like they'd be telling us any top security country-in-danger sort of stuff that we didn't know by watching Labour party conference and the website of the ONS


Mac the Knife said...

Oh. Oh Trixus. I'm so bitterly ashamed to admit it, but I'd actually watch that... *looks for sackcloth & ashes on e-bay*

Dave said...

O/T but I know how much you enjoy commenting on Euro politics.
"Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyers fought to save his political career yesterday by arguing that the law should regard him as “first above equals” and continue to protect him from prosecution."

Will Mad Hattie, Scotland, Jackboot Jacqui et al resort to this should we ever succed in prosecuting them?

ukipwebmaster said...

Nigel Farage berates the Eurocrats over the Irish referendum