Monday, October 19, 2009

Poll results - a failure for feminism

Slightly delayed, the results of my poll following a suspicious holiday taken by Mr E which I was not invited to.

Well, dear readers, it seems that you chose the last line in the quotation to heart when you voted:

21% said I should string the cad up for making me worry, let alone playing away
21% said I should give him a chance to explain and then melt into his arms
forgivingly and enjoy his velvety caresses.
16% recommended I serve him
rabbit for dinner and put Fatal Attraction on the TV
40% told me to knock
the bitch out, blaming her sartorial elegance and pungent smell wafting from the
hem line for his wandering, er, person.

It strikes me as a bit harsh that someone who was single gets the blame from the majority of people but I think that's a pretty fair representation of how people do react to these things.

When my ex boyfriend cheated on me I initially blamed the girl first for not leaving well alone someone who was living with his partner. But really, she was single and he wasn't and he was the one who should have tried to keep it in his trousers.

Now I know that a man's body is just a life support system for his cock but why do we persist in letting them get away with behaving badly and instead choose to pile the blame on the woman in any cheating situation? Do we just expect it of men and thus rely on women, supposedly the kinder, gentler sex, to behave themselves?

Because I fear that's also a recipe for disaster, as any town centre on a Friday night will illustrate.


James Higham said...

Aw, Trixy, that's too bad.

Mr Eugenides said...

I appreciate that I'm a hard habit to quit, but you're going to have to try...

subrosa said...

Trix, the best thing to do is ignore him, that hurts the most.

Speaking from years of experience of course!

Who's Mr E anyway?

Trixy said...

'Who's Mr E anyway?'

Well, quite.