Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If this is the answer...

I hope the people that came to my blog through the search terms 'Is my boyfriend likely to cheat on me when he goes to Lisbon' and 'Is there anything better than a left handed gay man' managed to find the answers.

If it helps:

1) Men do have a habit of cheating. It's because they're genetically programmed to try to stick it anywhere warm and wet. I'm not sure Lisbon adds anything to that mix save it being quite windy.

2) A left handed straight man?

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TheBigYin said...

Err, no, I just googled "dippy woman who can't think of anything else but shoes" and ended up here. And kept cuming...well, I am a man FFS.

PS: You have been blogrolled. (I'm such a glutton for punishment!) Whip me baby. (:¬}