Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ind Home launches today

Unlike LabourList, which is shite, IndHome.com is a place for debate on Independence-related politics and, of course, the European Union.

One very interesting article which caught my eye was the hypocrisy of the Conservative European Election campaign. I suspect it doesn't mention their massive support in Brussels for deeper integration nor the fact that it was a Tory MEP, Van Orden, who lead the drive for Bulgarian criminal gangs to have free run of Britain.

It's focusing on the Lisbon Treaty, because that's the only drum they have to bang if they don't reveal how fucking awful they really are. And even on that they're duplicitous:

So significant is the Lisbon treaty that David Cameron refuses to pledge a retrospective referendum, or even its repeal, should the treaty already be in force when The Conservatives take the keys to Number 10!

Mr Cameron again refused to say whether the Conservatives would hold a referendum if they won the next election but the treaty had already been ratified by all the member states.

He simply repeated the previous formula that they would “not let matters rest there”.
Well, I’m afraid that “not letting matters rest” is not good enough. Be honest with the people and explain exactly what the Conservative Party’s stance is on the issue. The voters deserve an unequivocal statement on what voting Conservative means.

Go read the rest.


Witterings From Witney said...


Witney story released to four of the 'Sundays'. If they don't 'run' it - IndHome will be!

Witterings From Witney said...


sorry should have read Related Witney story etc etc - can you amend post?

Richard said...

Do you know whether or how the Conservatives could repeal the Lisbon Treaty if it is fully ratified by the time they come into power? No, and I don't think anyone does. I suspect that it would take quite a lot of legal work and research to work out the best strategy, the sort of levels HM Opposition would have some difficulty with. I don't think Cameron can say anything more than he has without risking being unable to honour a pledge.

Trixy said...

But, Richard, the message Dave is trying to get out it that Tories equals no Lisbon. As well you know we could have none of the bloody treaties but, given how they're supposed to be all fresh and clean and a change from the old, basing an entire campaign on a legal conundrum is disingenuous.

Most MPs haven't the first clue on EU law - hey even the big man himself has blathered on about repealing the social chapter and CFP in much the same way as he is Lisbon. But do people know that his proposals were nigh on impossible without withdrawal or did they just accept them as truth?