Sunday, May 03, 2009

the battle bus rolls into town

The decidedly biased BBC has been rather anti UKIP as the campaign trail for the European Elections starts.

However, that's hardly surprising given the EU fanatic Simon Hicks of the LSE, doing their election analysis.

It's a wonderful opportunity for the blustering buffoon to make up for his embarrassment in 2004 when he was adament that the party which would be his bete noire - anyone listening to his language on the European Parliament not being a talking shop and 'environmental protection can guess - would not make any inroads.

He was proved wrong in massive style and perhaps he'll try use his undeserved influence to try to be correct 5 years later.

Alas, I doubt it will mean there will be any economic sense from Labour and Lib Dems. Denis MacShane talking nonsense about national sovereignty being against British business is a prime example.

If we're allowed to have a proper debate it will be very interesting, particularly watching the Tories trying to establish any kind of coherent position. Anyone watching the politics show today would have seen the hilarious juxtaposition of Dan Hannan being personable, sensible and likeable followed by MEP leader Timothy Kirkhope who, in one fell swoop, swept away any notion that Tory EU policy was interesting, hard hitting and in line with the views of the grass roots.

And, as Nigel Farage said, if UKIP beat Labour that would really damage Gordon Brown. And wouldn't that be fun...

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