Thursday, April 16, 2009

Although nothing should surprise me...

this does!

All this stuff about Dolly Draper rather takes my mind tumbling back to my time as a student. Draper, then the National President of the Young Fabians was giving a talk to the York University Labour Students. I as the Chairman of the Student Tory association ambled along to hear what was being said and ended up in the bar afterwards (Vanbrugh if I recall).

Well the Conversation went on until past closing time and fascinated by experiencing for the first time both the moral vacuity at the heart of the growing New Labour project, (this must have 1992) and its extraordinary will to power and ambition I invited Draper back to my house to continue the discussion and kip over - he had missed the last train to London.

Go read the rest!


Gawain Towler said...

Actually don't. I have taken it down because it was spiteful.
I am sorry, but just felt as bad as he is.

Julian said...

"Go read the rest!"