Monday, April 27, 2009

A reminder

The Sun today have jumped on the bandwagon and launched a campaign to let all Ghurkas stay, and then will presumably claim all the credit if there are any changes in the rules.

However, this kind of comment without justification makes me spit with rage:

The Home Office decision came weeks after Romanian rapist Ali Majlat admitted committing vile sex attacks so he could be sent to a British jail, learn English and live in comfort. He got his wish with an indeterminate sentence. Yet brave Gurkhas are to be sent home.

That is because Romania is in the EU.

The PM cannot throw this Romanian rapist out, indeed he couldn't stop him coming into the country because of his criminal convictions. It's only people like Geert Wilders who are excluded on grounds of national security because they have an opinion on something which the government doesn't approve of.

Now, can I just reiterate that Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and Greens all want to stay in the EU. They are all in favour of EU expansion, including Turkey, and are all aware that because of Qualified Majority Voting this will not make legislation more difficult to pass. They might use that as a reason if they're pretending to want the EU to have less control but it's not true.

So that means more people like Majlat will be able to stay here and take advantage of our soft, bloated welfare state which encourages people not to work and gives those who have done wrong an easy ride.

I also can't remember when the Sun told people that we should leave the EU either. I do hope that they are well aware of EU legislation if they are writing about the consequences of it.

I am sure their defence editor does, after all his father is a Lib Dem MEP and he himself has said that he is in favour of an EU army. Bet he doesn't tell that to the troops when he's trying to be their best friend in Helmand.

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