Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Flint: the sham minister

I'm still furious about this story

Caroline Flint, the Minister for Europe, has admitted that she has not read the Lisbon Treaty, the controversial document which codifies the rules of the European Union.

And yet Ms Flint has no problem sticking her pert little snout in the trough and making sure those voters who she lied to in the manifesto - that little chestnut about the British people being able to have a vote on their future - pay for her to like the high live.

The report out this week showing the amount our MPs claim has the Europe Minister on £158,773 all in, the second highest in her county of South Yorkshire.

So the woman clearly can read, she's just decided that she'd rather read the rules on how she can shaft her constituents rather than doing her job.

Because not reading it and then telling the public how fucking great it is is a dereliction of duty and it's an abomination to our parliamentary democracy and whatever standards we are supposed to have in British politics.

At the last election there were two other people who wanted that job and yet it went to someone who cares so little about the role she's been given to do, the lavish expenses, second houses, plush offices and cars, that she just didn't bother. She's such a slave to the party line she'd rather polish her nails and swish her hair and just let it all pass by than actually check to see if what she is saying bears any resemblance to the truth.

The woman is an embarrassment and a sham. I've fucking read it, why couldn't she?


it's either banned or compulsory said...

You've read it ? Wow, I don't think anyone else has. I'm impressed, why not stand for MEP alongside " English Only " Posti Deva Kumarasiri ?

Back to troughligate Carol Flint, what sort of majority does she command, the lazy cow ?

Jack O'Sullivan said...

I thought that I would be the only person to ever see that! I am glad that there are a few of us who read! Thanks for making me not feel so alone

Jack O'Sullivan
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subrosa said...

Have to confess I've not read it. Reading the Maastricht Treaty in the 80s was enough for me.