Friday, March 06, 2009

Why I hate Harridan Harperson part, ooh, a million

I'm all in favour of free and fair competition but what I don't like is when politicians lie even when faced with a clear truth. Once again, it's the Royal Mail and this part privatisation of the Post Office which for some reason Labour MPs are voting against. Why? They support the EU and their colleagues voted for it, so why the U-Turn?

Notice in this video, though, that Harridan does not say 'No, it isn't'. I might write and ask her if that's because it's true.

One could have a look through complaints by TNT , the people who will be buying the post office up now Mandelson is back to force the legislation through, to the European Commission.

There are little things in economics called market failures. Providing communication facilities in Little Wychwood for Mrs Snooks for the price of a stamp which can be purchased anywhere is just one of them. But a relevant one, in this case.


scunnert said...

This is just the beginning of the end - not the end of the beginning. The UK's over - it aint goin any further. Do we have an EU national anthem yet? Will all the wee kiddies be learning it in primary school?


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Agreed, Harmingies speech had nothing to do with the question and did not answer it.
Sleepy Jack was a joy to watch in that vid.


Idle Pen Pusher said...

Harriet Harperson is indeed repulsive. But the government are right about this, as is the EU.

Idle Pen Pusher

Trixy said...

Regardless of whether they are right or wrong, don't the people deserve to know the truth?

Why are they so scared of telling the British public that the EU is behind it?

Idle Pen Pusher said...

Why indeed... We could speculate!

This being the EU, and them being politicians... hmmm.

Incidentally, that a given market fails to clear is not evidence of 'market failure'.

There is no more a 'market failure' in postal services for 36p in isolated tiny rural communities than there is a 'market failure' for tube trains, multiplex cinemas or hypermarkets.

Trixy said...

No, but there would be a market failure in the provision of any services in rural areas.

This is the reason for the huge problems with Post Office Ltd. Foreign companies have creamed off the profitable business post and left POL with the last mile deliveries, all at the same price.

Markets fail when it's just profit motivated. The provision of postal services is an area which I feel does need intervention.