Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Look, you don't need a full blown inquiry into Iraq, and certainly not now when the troops are there.

All you need are the minutes from the cabinet meetings because the rest of it is on the internet under 'minutes from UN security council'.

If students can manage it then I fail to see why politicians couldn't.

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North Northwester said...

There you see it - the occasional triumph of substance over form. I really think there's something to this internet thing after all.

Whether it'll translate into people knocking on doors and manning the phones and trying to persuade the 'party of freedom' to actually do something positive for freedom is another matter.

Dan may very soon be found to have faked a VAT invoice at Uni, or kissed a boy once at a party. It'll be all over the BBC and the Times; you'll see.

And you've got it damn right about the culture, about which I bang on constantly - Blu Labour live in the same statist, pacifist, tax-spending, image-obsessed hothouse as Gordon and his morons.

Here's my explanation of why Blu Labour will always generate pretendy conservatism instead of the Real Thing:

It's got Carol Vorderman in the bath.
It's longer than yours.

But that SO doesn't count, right?

And your blog's word moderation today for me is:

'To sin.'