Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things you'd love to say to Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown was in Strasbourg today, kissing the arses of a group of politicians who despise democracy. To be fair, they love the fact that he lied to the people and bulldozed through the Lisbon Constitution on a lie, so he was in pretty good company.

Not that you'd hear it on the news, or probably even read it in the newspapers, but there were two blinding speeches yesterday from two of my favourite people: Nigel Farage and Dan Hannan.
Amusingly, the lovely Dan was the only British Conservative to speak whilst Gordon Brown was in the chamber because, of course, the others who weren't kicked out for having a pair had Joseph Daul (see posts past for his delightful background) speaking on their behalf.

This situation is all the more amusing on the day that Christopher Beastley Beazley, a man one can find tired and emotional* in Brussels and Strasbourg, said that he wouldn't leave the EPP because it would mean less influence.

Like not using secretarial allowances to fund the yes campaign in France, The Netherlands and Ireland, perhaps?

Anyway, enjoy.

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Shame Mark Mardell walked out to give a one sided view of the performance to News 24 whilst these speeches were being made. It's not like there isn't a huge screen with the current speakers and the next two speakers after that.

*There was a rumour about assistants collecting any left overs from 3rd floor receptions but it's completely unsubstantiated.


Chalcedon said...

Dan's speech was a blinder. I watched it yesterday. Seems the MSM is at least 48 hours behind the blogosphere as I think radio 4 are picking it up later today. Surprising as the Brown Broadcasting Corp are such a propaganda tool of the gov.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

1.5 milion views at 2am Sunday 29th.
It finally got onto BBCs Newsnight website late on Thurday.
The same day that the Telegraph woke up to its' most successful blog entry ever and by far.