Wednesday, March 11, 2009

she inhaled our kitchen

I understand that today is No Bloody Smoking Day.

Fuck Off.

To quote the fabulous Absolutely Fabulous:

They don't have a 'no being a boring old fart day' or a 'no wearing bloody awful clothes day'.



The Filthy Engineer said...

In that case I'm of out to buy another packet.

scunnert said...

Aye - fuck 'em!

Angry Exile said...

Oh bollocks. What really gets on my tits about the finger wagging - to those of us who've given up it's a constant reminder of what we're missing. I don't want the patch, I don't want the gum, I don't want to call a bloody 1300 number to get help, and as a result of all that I don't want to watch TV because there's at least one ad an hour for patches/gum/quit lines (often by the bastard Victorian government, so I'm helping to pay for them too). It's bloody hard when all the time I'm wanting a cigarette and a Health Minister to stub it out on.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

No Smoking Day, oh dear, no-one told me. Am I a bad person now and should I report to the Department of No Fun ?