Sunday, March 22, 2009

Out of the frying pan...

I watched the news for a considerable time this morning and yet it was only a chat later on this evening that I find out that there has been a Conservative policy announcement.

Alas this morning my channel hopping to find out what was going on in the world was a futile effort since that media obsessed reality tv bint had died. It's fucking appalling that the news that someone who was going to die had died was rolling on every single channel: did she make any difference to our lives in the way we are governed, taxed, our liberties and the way we interact with other countries?


The only thing she did was provide a clear example of how comprehensive education has failed, ensuring that there are people in the world who have been at school for many years who are what one can only class as dumb.

Okay, so she did have a slight impact on foreign affairs: In 2006 when I was in India with DK the newspapers had a decent amount of coverage after she proved that she was nothing but a loud mouthed, ignorant oik and that India had produced a lady with intelligence and class.

What I would have liked to have known this morning was that the next administration were planning on making the recession worse. Someone has clearly burnt the only economics text book in Tory HQ as Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has said today:

Increasing income tax for top-earners to 45% from 2011 would be "difficult to avoid", shadow chancellor George Osborne has said - a stance backed up by Mr Clarke and foreign secretary William Hague.


But at least good old Boris has some sensible views on it:
But the Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said the move would stifle British enterprise,

Oh, wait: through a cloud of smoke and a munching of pies I can hear some bullshite being's,'s the Shadow Business Secretary Ken "twat" Clarke:
...a view Mr Clarke said was "just wrong".

Alas, with all left wingers, as Mr Clarke is (the man thinks the EU is one big jolly party, he's not going to have a sensible through in his head now, is he) it doesn't stop there:
Cutting inheritance tax would not be a high priority for an incoming Tory government, Ken Clarke has said.

Note to voters: It looks like the Tories won't just not be cutting taxes but they'll be putting the fuckers up. They want to make a recession worse. They think they can spend your money better than you, despite every example of the opposite.

Run, run for the hills. At the next election the only parties with a serious chance of forming the next administration are awful or fucking awful.

I'll leave you to decide which one is which.

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Witterings From Witney said...

My first thought this morning, on getting up and turning on the wireless, was goody goody followed by cringing on hearing the brown eulogy. The mood deepened on watching the Jacqui Smith interview on the Politics Show, but was finally uplifted by not having to watch or listen to DM - which just goes to prove there is a God after all!