Friday, March 27, 2009

A note on dress codes

I will not have my attire dictated to me by a transient bunch of second rate university drop outs intent on causing trouble and attacking people who have been funding their benefit scrounging lifestyle for the past few decades.

If you start causing trouble because I have a job and you are a moron, I will retaliate.

And I'm quite tough.


King Athelstan said...

More information required methinks.

The Great Simpleton said...

Whenever travel and end up in areas where security is a bit of a concern a find the Economist is a very useful paper to be carrying around.

As well as a good read when carried rolled up it can be a very useful deterrent when stabbed in to someone's solar plexus.
This gury was expecting it and it felled him

I would prefer to be carrying a 7-iron, but that's harder to justify.

BigDai said...

Some casual attire from this establishment might be fitting???

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