Monday, March 02, 2009

Bent over a Barrel

Interesting, if not unsurprising, report in the Telegraph today by the excellent Bruno Waterfield

Hungary warned the growing split threatened to provoke outbreaks of social unrest and a flood of unemployed immigrants travelling to Western Europe in search of jobs.

Ferenc Gyurcsany, the Hungarian prime minister, called for a £169 billion bail-out of Eastern Europe to prevent a major crisis that would reverberate across the continent.

A source I won't reveal did inform me that in the pre European meeting Sunday before last at which European Parliament President Hans Gert Pottering was present, representatives of the 'Eastern bloc' informed the President that they wanted not even a loan, but a lump sum gift from the EU (for that read the UK, Netherlands and Germany) to help them through this recession.
In a six-page letter to European leaders meeting for a crisis summit lunch, Mr Gyurcsany made dire predictions about the consequences of letting Eastern Europe, the EU's poorest countries, bear the brunt of a recession.

He warned that if EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe faced a severe downturn, then other European countries would feel the knock-on effect of social unrest and an influx of millions of migrants.

Can I remind you all that the previous influx resulted in hundreds of thousands of people eligible for the social services paid for by the tax payer and the ridiculous situation where people working in Britain could claim child benefit for their offspring living in other countries.

To be blackmailed by this joker is unacceptable and yet by virtue of our membership to the European Union it is entirely acceptable.

The weak pound has seen our payments rocket to £5bn in 2011 and what exactly do we get from this fucking organisation? The privilege of our democracy being raped, our opinions counting for nothing and our historic relationships with the Commonwealth turned to dust.

We have to leave if we want any financial prosperity and self respect.

June is not far off, chaps. Let's not vote for parties who support this current situation and ones who would also see Turkey, Croatia and Serbia join in to feed at the trough we keep filling.


It Will Come to Me said...

Don't be so tight fisted with another generations money Trixie dear. What's another £50/60bn ontop of the debts Gord's piled up for the coming generations. I most certainly won't be around to see it paid back and maybe you won't.

scunnert said...

This is what we've to expect from the ever growing EU? Absolutely pathetic. When will people say enough - when Nigeria is accepted for membership?

brownlie said...

"to be blackmailed by this joker" - sadly, he was not joking and I fancy others will join in. Perhaps Brown and Darling??

it's either banned or compulsory said...

With any luck UK will not be able to afford to bail out Easern Europe thus leading to a peripheral block of loosely aligned States joined by trade treaties.
That sounds like what I was told I was voting for in the first place but was decieved by traitorscum Heath into the monstrous quangocracy that is the NuEU.
" Do As We Say Because We Say So "

North Northwester said...

Pretty soon, I think, Gaza will be admitted to join Europe: and why not?

We're financing Hamas via our contributions to the EU anyway.

The European Union: money for old rope, new piano wire, rockets, explosives.

And remember how federasts will always tell you that the European Community, etc, preserved peace in Western Europe for fifty years (as if Germany and France were itching for a third re-match, or the collective threat of the USSR didn't unite us in NATO.)

The Penguin said...

Worcester Council have voted to twin with Gaza. Must be something in the water.

The Penguin

Trixy said...

The delluded fuckwit councillors have, or the people?

What are they hoping for? That Worcester becomes a satellite of Iran, poverty stricken and reliant on aid from unwilling western tax payers?

North Northwester said...

"The delluded fuckwit councillors have, or the people?

Why, looky here, Trixie

It's the fuckwit councillors, and look who's in the lead.

Oy gevalt.