Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Andrew Duff: Is he a spastic?

Libertas in some varied UK form launched yesterday in the UK:

The group, founded by Declan Ganley, hopes to field 72 candidates in the 12 electoral regions across the UK in June's European elections.

On Tuesday, it announced that the UK arm of its operation would be spearheaded by former soldier Robin Matthews and that it is attempting to recruit other candidates. Libertas, which led the successful 'no' campaign against the treaty in Ireland, will launch in France today

As I've said before, I don't see the point of it in the UK. Why don't they just make some agreement with the Tories, as they both have this naive, misguided view that the EU can be reformed in some way.

Lib Dem MEP Andrew Duff, a man who appears to like the EU more than he likes women or beer, once again showed how completely out of touch, retarded and blinkered he is:
"Ganley wants the EU to stick with the present, clumsy and inefficient Nice treaty but voters want a stronger and reformed EU," said Duff.

I've written before on how to be a Lib Dem: the main theme of the party is misguided inconsistency brought about by the sad truth that no one really gives a fuck long enough to bring them up on it.

But to represent a country where the public are crying out for a chance to have a say on their future in the EU, who returned more withdrawalist MEPs than the other EU countries put together, who have as their MEP a man who President Klaus and his aides considered to be the "number one" in the European Parliament and think that it's a country who want more EU is criminal. The man deserves to be put in the stocks at the very minimum and pelted with all the fruit from the 1990s which had to be left to rot so not to upset the French.

This is a man who comes from a party who have to lie to the public to get votes.

A man so dumb he can't read a newspaper, or watch the news or any of his constituency correspondence or he'd know that this view is so selfish that he should chop off his own hands in a vain attempt to try represent the views of the people who pay his wages.

On a final note, I was at a dinner party the other day with someone who decided to bend my ear about the UK department of Fibertas. He told me that the chap in charge (sounds like Army Media Ops) didn't really know what he was doing and could I help?

Well I can, as it happens.

Don't fucking bother. Where's your niche? If you lie to the British people about what you really stand for there'll be fucking hell to pay when a group of outraged bloggers hunt you down.

You're not eurosceptic, you're not withdrawalist, don't fucking pretend that you are. The country is suffering enough from lying politicians without adding you to the mix.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Libertas would be labelled " splitist " if it were on the left.

" voters want a stronger and reformed EU," said Duff."
No we don't, we want a trading bloc like dead traitor Heath told us we were voting for.

UKIPWatcher said...

Oh dear, sounds like you're a bit nervous that UKIP losing votes back to the Tories and to Libertas will put your close buddies Nigel and Godders out of work.

A party that doesn't know what it's doing, eh? Sounds like UKIP!

Cybernest said...

Speaking of Andrew Duff... and bloggers hunting people down...

I want to know where Andrew Duff stands on being British... the electorate should know!

Andrew Duff considers being proud of being British as "tawdry nationalism" (his words not mine).

He also has a strange view of democracy and brusquely shoves aside the freely and democratically expressed wishes of 30,000 people in Gibraltar... preferring to favour Spain above British interests.

I was going to vote LibDem on Thursday but having come across this from my local LibDem MEP Andrew Duff... I'm not so sure now!

In a post on my blog (you can view it here: I've asked him to clarify where he stands on being British?

I also want to know, when it comes to supporting Britain in Europe... versus other European countries such as Spain... who can the electorate look forward to Mr Duff supporting... the British interest or Spain's?

Mr Duff has resolutely ignored my questions to date!