Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh really

Via Mark Wadsworth I notice some fucking hypocritical socialist undemocratic Irish wanker of a politician has been criticising Klaus for addressing a dinner last night and talking about the EU Constitution. It's 'not helpful' apparently.Or, in his words, an "inappropriate intervention". Well, quite. How dare peope make their opinions heard on a relevant and vitally important issue. They've had their chance to speak, they got it wrong and it was duly ignored. Now, if you wouldn't mind terribly shutting the fuck up and let us decide without reference to your views?

No doubt this is because Declan Ganley was there. And yet I can't see the eurofanatics getting so wound up when Klaus is over on the Emerald Isle again, this time with Sarkozy who wants to bulldoze Lisbon through. Thing is, only mention of that meeting, and the one in Paris also with the Irish PM, that I've even heard mentioned is on internal FCO e-mails. Now, why is that?

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