Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BNP: More hypocrisy

Regarding that faux outrage by the hard left socialist freaks where Simon Derby was using the media to send threatening messages to his former chums and trying to make us think he was 'thinking of the Chiiiiillddreeeen':

UKIP leader Nigel Farage points out that whilst they've been jumping around talking about calling the police over the data protection act, the party themselves are being investigated for the way they use membership lists.

"It's the classic case of the biter bit. They've had no compunction about using parts of our database which they managed to obtain to contact our members directly. In fact the Information Commissioner is still dealing with our complaint of last summer about this misuse.

As Mr Farage said to me, "I'm the one that gets the 88 year old war veteran asking me why those people are writing letters to him at his house."

Well, quite. I suspect that they think that's okay because it's them doing it.

Back to the statement:
It says it all about the BNP that so many of those on their database seem to be worried about being revealed as members. Who would join a party where membership is a social and professional embarrassment? And finally, how ironic is it that the BNP leaders are bleating about their position under the Human Rights Act, something they claim they want to abolish.

Still, it's the BNP. Anyone expecting rational thought is looking in the wrong place there.

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