Saturday, November 22, 2008

Huge thanks and a clarification

Firstly, just enormous thanks to everyone who has donated money so I can have my mouth drilled. I am quite simply overwhelmed with the generosity of people out there and, well, I really don't know what to say but 'Thank you so much'.

I'd just like to clarify something, though:

When I attack 'benefit scrounging scum' I'm not attacking

1) The Poor (for I include myself in that) they are not synonymous. In fact, the people I'm talking about on benefits seem to have a high disposable income so they can buy their children all those pairs of trainers

2) People who are on benefits because they are unemployed but not through choice.

No, the people I'm attacking and am generally not a huge fan of are people like this:

Never in our history have we supported so many wastrels, intent on spending their entire lives sucking at the teat of the Welfare State. We have families where generations have not worked or intended to work. We have children in schools, being (poorly) educated at a cost of over £75000 each, that absolutely no intention of pursuing any form of career. We have a growing army of ignorant, lazy fucktards happy to sit on the sofa, Stella can in hand, watching their daily dose of Soma.

I’m fascinated in the concept of this growing army. Everywhere I go, I see sallow faced mongs, scrabbling over a £5 wrap of crack. The streets are full of bloated land whales pushing the prams of miserable offspring with snotty noses and inbred scowls on their faces.

Not people who have jobs and might find themselves unemployed and claim until they find themselves a new job, because I actually think in a society that is a good thing. Rather like universal education because education is a merit good which we should all, theoretically, benefit from.

People who don't want to work, who never plan to work. Those people I hate, I object to paying for and at times like this when I am struggling financially, I really, really find repulsive. As was written on CiF the other day:
Last week I visited (as a doctor) a family in a council estate. The mother was concerned about her 12 year old son. She was very pleased that her older son was now on incapacity and would therefore do well for himself in terms of money. There is nothing wrong with this older boy that makes him incapacitated, but that is another story. She also had a 14 year old daughter, who while I was there, constantly argued with her mother demanding money for cigarettes. The three children had three different fathers, all absent. The kids, while I could see were still children, gleamed with malignant insolence. I can see them turning into damaged adults. I feel sorry for the trap they are in – the trap created directly by the welfare state whereby the family, and all those in the neighbourhood, see welfare as a lifestyle option. They live in squalor but have more wealth than most people I knew in India; they certainly have more material comforts than I ever had growing up in Delhi.

I chose not to claim when I didn't work and it was also my choice to take a lower paid job because I decided I wanted to have a job where I felt I could make a difference. I am financially much worse off for it but mentally much better off and happy in the knowledge I am helping people. Mea Culpa. However I didn't anticipate being landed with such a huge bill because I thought I'd covered myself, via taxes and insurance, for these eventualities. I didn't realise that my teeth weren't considered part of my body.

Once again, huge hugs. And if you don't like the fact that I chose to voice my anger at my situation, tough. Because for every one like me who decides to get angry and write about it there are more people who don't and choose not to have that treatment and whose health suffers. And I don't think that's right which is why I have decided that this project is one I am (excuse me) going to get my teeth into.

£20 billion for an NHS computer system but people pulling their own teeth out with pliers?
Falling numbers of NHS dentists are forcing many patients to go without treatment or even try pulling out their own teeth, a study found today.

Almost a fifth (19%) of those questioned in the biggest patient survey of its kind revealed that they had missed out on dental work they needed because of the cost.

The research, involving more than 5,000 patients in England, also found that as many as 6% had even resorted to treating themselves because they could not find a dentist.

No. Wrong.


It Will Come to Me said...

Firstly "You're welcome" (dread Americanism) to my very small contribution. Thinks, I wish we English had a suitable response to "Thank you" even though "It was nothing" was more or less true in my case.

Secondly, why have'nt 'The Heir to Blair' and his teenage cohorts been jumping up and down about how impossible it is to get routine dental treatment on the nhs. I suppose he doesn't want to be 'nasty' to nice Mssrs Brown, Campbell and Mandelson.

Socrates said...

Benefit Scrounging scum writes:

You forgot the long-term disabled, the chronically sick and the mentally incapable, those of us like me who are desperate to get a job, but have been thrown on the scrap-heap to be lumped in and vilified with those in your post.

While you're pontificating and begging like a tramp, I'm sat here on the coldest night of the year, only one radiator on in the whole house, and I'm still terrified about the gas bill, which will be turning up for Christmas.

Mind you, it's a step up from last year when I was living in a burnt-out shell of an old boat, that'd been my home for 4 years - Autistic, Epileptic and homeless for years - living it up as benefit scrounging scum of the earth...

Where are all these people you talk about - have you ever met them? - do they exist outside of the pages of the Daily Flail or your foetid mind, poisoned by popular culture and the fumes from depilatory creams?

Awww! Bunnikins has blagged herself a free trip to the dentist. Congratulations. Who the hell is Scrounging Scum around here?

No, I don't feel better for this, I'm sickened by the bare-arsed cheek of some people.

Learn to budget, buy a bike and fuck off.

Trixy said...

I don't have any radiators on, I lit a fucking fire.

No, really.

Mitch said...

Those of us who hate the state have to stick together so you are very welcome to my small contribution.
Hope it goes well.

haddock said...

I started paying insurance, of the national variety, when I started work in the early 60s, now, at an age where employers would read the date of birth and throw the application in the bin.... I am getting a payout on the money I have paid in.
I see little difference between pissing your money away on a plasma TV if you are a chav, or Jimmy Choo handbags and fancy overpriced shoes if you are a trendy young thing ....all are aspirations not needs.
Perhaps from now on you should use a shoe box for saving a few quid in ?.... after all, pissing money away during the good years is what we are heaping scorn on Gordon for.
The hand bags seem to be fetching a couple of hundred plus on eBay

Trixy said...

Haddock, that's unfortunate for you.
Perhaps the money spent on your education was wasted.

My handbag is borrowed from a friend.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Firstly, just enormous thanks to everyone who has donated money so I can have my mouth drilled.

I will eschew the obvious and simply say that it's money well spent for five minute's peace and quiet.

It's just a pity the dentist is the beneficiary.

Good luck with the rooting. :o)

haddock said...

"Perhaps the money spent on your education was wasted."
from the level of that contribution to a debate it sounds like DK is ghost writing for you.
It isn't unfortunate to get old, it's the way it is FFS !

swindon_alan said...

I hope it goes well Trixy.

Good luck.

AntiCitizenOne said...

This guy is very good IMHO. So good I'll lend you the money you need for one year at 0%.

the treatment will cost about 600, and the crown will cost about the same again.

North Northwester said...

So does this mean you can afford the treatment, or are you going to have to sell slogan T-shirts to make up a shortfall?