Friday, September 26, 2008

It's the economy, stupid.

What's the blogging equivalent of speechless? In a single word. Because whatever it is, I am it. My jaw is still resting somewhere near my chest and I'm struggling to find the adjective which describes how I look on the people who have caused me to do this rather accurate impression of a haddock.

Get this: people, that's normal people like you and I who can remember to breathe in and out without prompting, tie our own shoe laces (well, with one exception perhaps but I'm sure that's just a rumour)and get dressed in the morning before they leave the house, trust Gordon Brown and Captain Alastair Darling to run the economy better than Cameron and Osbourne.

According to the Press Association,

The poll for BBC2's Daily Politics programme found 36% of respondents said they most trusted Mr Brown and Mr Darling to steer Britain's economy through the current storm. Some 30% preferred the Tory team of Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne, while only 5% of those polled said Lib Dems Nick Clegg and Vince Cable.

Now, it is true to say that I can think of many people better placed to run the economy than the Tory duo; people with a grasp of economics, for example. But what really concerns me is that people might actually not think that the Labour party have fucked up the economy at all, that it's not their doing or that if it's their mess then they are best placed to sort it out. By not admitting they've done anything wrong and not changing any aspects of their disastrous fiscal and monetary policy. Without even touching on the lunacy of their supply side views.

How? I still don't understand. If you got a builder round to do your house and the roof fell in and all the walls collapsed, why would you think that they would be the right people to rebuild your house? Surely you'd ask for your money back, warn people never to use them and steer well clear?

Not in Britain, evidently. We're more likely to change our brand of butter than we are realise we are voting for morons.

So it must be true; you get the government you deserve and clearly this country deserves the Labour party.

It's times like this when I do really see the weakness in universal suffrage...

Unless they took the poll in Manchester near the conference centre during the week. That might explain it.

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Man in a Shed said...

This is to some degree the result of not having on ongoing critic of Labour's economic policy.

I offer "borrow and spend</b" then new "tax and spend".

Remember the voters like to hear the words tax cuts from the Lib Dems, even if they were only fibbing and intend to just moving the spending from central govt to local/regional govt.

Lets hope next week goes well - or else its time to find somewhere else to live...