Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Peer of the realm?

I was in Bournemouth yesterday with Gordon the Referendum Rat trying to inform the delegates at Labour Party Conference that we would quite like a say over the future of our country. If you wouldn't mind Sir...*tugs forelock and bobs*.

Lord Kinnock of Windbag walks past the polite protest and when asked if he thinks the British people should have a referendum on the EU Constitutional Treaty he replies "bollocks". How lucky we are to have such an esteemed Peer of the Realm 'representing' this country in the EU and his charming wife. Making lots of money. Oh, and his son in law and daughter who also suck at the EU tit.

The face of the opposition

A little bird informs me that our lovely Europe Minister went for a meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister to hatch a plan to see how the two countries could avoid the inconvenience of democracy and not put the EU Constitution to a referendum.

It really makes me sick that politicians who are supposed to serve the people and who are paid by the people don't consider them important enough to ask how they want to be governed. The Dutch have already said 'Nee' once and that is just ridden roughshod over. We have never had a say on whether we want to be part of political union with our neighbours and it's about bloody time we did.

Why should yet more of our taxes go to pay for some jolly for Murphy - someone who got the NUS to change their position on student grants to be in line with the Labour party - so he can have a chat about how to bypass our urgent desire for a referendum? It's like someone stealing my purse and using my cash to buy a hammer to break into my house with.

A look at the BBC website shows me the face of the opposition. Pretty it ain't...

Monday, September 24, 2007

papering over the cracks

New figure of derision and score is Keith Best. Anyone who listened to BBC Radio 5 Live last night will know why. Spaz-head of monumental proportions that he is.

Tory MP from 1979 to 1987, he is now Chief Executive of the Immigration Advisory Service. This means he refuses to listen to any point of view which states that mass migration from poor countries to rich countries may not be such a good idea, and could be, in actual fact, wholly irresponsible.

Last night, apart from being terribly rude and unable to shut up for 10 seconds to let someone else speak, he said such crazy things as 'if we didn't have migrant workers then vegetables would be rotting in the fields.' Right. He told a woman who called up saying that she found the gangs of Poles in Ramsgate 'intimidating' that she was wrong. How dare he tell someone he doesn't know that she is wrong for feeling something. That's like telling someone they're wrong because they prefer strawberry to chocolate ice cream - they can't help it.

He should know all about crime, mind, seeing as he was found guilty of share cheating and served time at HM's pleasure.

Businesses might very well need extra people to come work in the UK, but Work Permits would work nicely, as it does in the USA, Australia and other successful countries all over the world. Best decided that if Britain had a system of work permits then British workers would never be able to get jobs overseas. He was told that there were hundreds of thousands of people working in the USA for example, where we don't have a right of movement or residence, but that appeared to be too complicated to get in his head, bless the thick chap.

But the issue which that point of view for pro-immigration should bring up is about British unemployed.

Lots of people say they'd rather employ a polish worker than some British chav, but that's just papering over the cracks. Because what we need to do in this country is change this mentality where it is acceptable to live off the state, to get knocked up and get a council house at the age of 16 and to leave school without qualifications. I suspect if we didn't have a social security system which rewarded people for being lazy bastards then we wouldn't need hundreds of thousands of migrants to pick fruit, because people who currently can't be bothered to work would have to, or go hungry and get wet when it rained.

Maybe if we had some discipline in schools and people were not so concerned about 'their rights' but rather 'their responsibilities' then we wouldn't have such a prevalent underclass.

By letting them off with not working, and instead burdening the system even more with hundreds of thousands of migrant workers we are being unfair and irresponsible to our whole society, and especially those people who work hard and play fair. Young people who have a job but can't afford a house - shouldn't they be given some thought?

The attention is wrong, and until it changes it won't get any better.

Gordon Brown: One eye, two faces

Anyone listen to our esteemed Prime Minister on the 'Today' programme this morning? Or, perhaps, read his little piece in the Screws of the World yesterday? Or any of the coverage of the Labour Conference? If you have, then you'll know that he is saying that he doesn't need a General Election to "get on with the job" of implementing Labour's 2005 manifesto. Now, I happen to agree with him on that point. We don't have a presidential election in this country, so the MPs we voted for in 2005 are still 'representing' us.

However, I am slightly confused as to how Grawp can sit there talking about how he is going to implement the Labour manifesto but conveniently forget that this included a promise..hear that? A PROMISE for a vote on the EU Constitution.

Let's not beat around the bush: this Reform Treaty and the EU Constitution are basically the same document. Have a look here for some comments by other European leaders and politicians who have been a little more honest than our own representatives.

So if he wants to get on with the job of implementing this left wing handbook, can he and others stop talking shit and give us a referendum? I will be in Bournemouth tomorrow with the Freedom Association calling for him to do so. Come join us!

Friday, September 21, 2007

pissed off Trixy

The daily-mail'tastic tone of your sophilistic rant, Trixy is fuel to the fire of the idea that you're at heart a racist party. I know you're running for votes against the BNP is East London and elsewhere, but in your position of influence, you should not be helping Farage drag the party towards its stated libertarian position?

And you, my dear Jackart, are sounding like a Guardian reader by implying that anyone who has a problem with unlimited immigration is a racist. I do have a problem with unlimited immigration. I have a problem with people working in this country and then sending child benefit home to their children who don't live in this country. I have a problem in rising costs for translation for the police forces because of the number of migrants when I am told by my GP that I will just 'have to live with' having a broken toe because with the NHS it's not worth even trying to get it dealt with.

But my main problem is with politicians implying that they stand up for the views of people who also don't like this, and then go and vote the other way.

You might like enlargement. I've no bother if other countries want to join the EU although it strikes me as odd as to why you would want to leave Communism and then join it again, but I want to get out and I don't want to pay for them. Trade with them - great! Let's all cut our taxes and stop having such restrictions on labour to stop companies being competitive. Like it or not, if you voted for enlargement, you voted for unlimited movement of labour, which means mass immigration from the poor countries to the rich.

It's not rocket science, really. Work permits. A much better idea.

(and the 13,000 didn't even come from the government. And it wasn't even about Britain. So someone who is paid to make a decision on that kind of thing should have known better.)

Ah, fuck it. What difference will it make anyway.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

more hypocrisy No.2894572409827609476

David Davies says of the calls for more funding by Mrs Spence of Cambridgeshire Police:

"The Government estimated that 13,000 people would come from accession countries. At least 700,000 have now arrived.

"Labour's open door approach to immigration failed to consider, let alone cater for, the impact of this influx on housing and public services. Senior officers are now providing damning evidence of the strain Labour's shambolic approach has placed on the police and their ability to fight crime. "

Only a fucking idiot would have believed the figure of 13,000. UKIP certainly didn't, but that didn't stop the Tories and their insults when he was speaking against enlargement in the chamber. I'm looking at the print out of the roll call votes for that day, 9th April 2004, where every single Tory MEP voted for enlargement. Only Hannan didn't vote yes for one country.

On that day, London MEP Charles Tannock said

we stand today at the brink of an historic process as we vote to finally reunite in democracy, peace and prosperity our divided continent of Europe, with the accession of ten new my group's shadow rapporteur on Slovakia it gives me particular pleasure to support its candidature.

He said in December of last year:
smooth waves of EU enlargement are a magnificent achievement of the EU. The fifth wave, which enlarged the Union to 25 Member States two years ago, has actually been a great success, in spite of warnings that...countries such as my ow would suffer unsustainable immigration flows.

I would also like to highlight part of a speech given by another Tory MEP, Philip Bullshit-Matthews Bushill-Matthews where he said:
The fact is that such immigrants who have come from central and eastern Europe into the UK, Sweden and Ireland have not been a drain on the economy, but a benefit into it

Conservative MEP Van Orden spent years getting Bulgaria to be a full member of the EU, yet I doubt he makes those claims at the garden parties on the verdant lawns in Chelmsford.

So why does anyone listen to them and publish their comments? They are hypocritical fuck-heads who should be too ashamed to leave their front doors. Instead, they lie to people who are concerned about immigration and have the gall to take their taxes as wages when they are part of the fucking problem.

Pricks. Big, sweating pricks. They should be hung upside down by their toenails and made to watch coronation street backwards in Flemish for all eternity, unless they have the decency to put their hands up and say "I am a big, fat, hypocritical liar and I apologise for treating you, the voting public, like little bits of poo I find where I want to pitch my tent on a camping site."

Then I might let them come down, as long as they spend the rest of their lives trying to make amends for their actions.

A shameful secret

I have a pass for Lib Dem conference. It's embarrassing, I know, but it was all in pursuit of a good cause.

I went down to Brighton with Nigel Farage who was taking part in a debate with Chris Davies MEP, who used to be the leader of the Lib Dem MEPs in Brussels before he sent an e-mail to a Jewish constituent telling her "I hope you enjoying(sic) wallowing in your own filth." But he's still an MEP, so that's okay?

Anyway, I found myself surrounded by lots of ponytails and beards. The former on men, the latter very much on the unpainted faces of the ladies. They were pleasant for a while, until they were confronted with some uncomfortable facts and figures which their pointless rhetoric couldn't compete with. So they started booing.

One lady stood up and asked people to put their hands up if they had read the treaty. Interestingly, everyone there from UKIP had done, the journalists hadn't, and very few Lib Dems had.

Someone asked Nigel why he was denying the British people the right to have rights which were given in the 'not the Constitution', seemingly not understanding that surely Libertarians don't see the state as something that bestows rights on people but passes laws to say what they can't do to ensure some kind of safe society? (okay, it's not working at the moment but that's because we're being governed by spanners. The older laws still work.)

Then some complete prick stood up and said that if we left the EU then Felixstowe Harbour would close. I am not joking. No one would import anything to there anymore, presumably because we wouldn't want any imports anymore?, and what was he, Nigel, going to do about the problem that he had personally caused? How do these people manage to even get dressed in the morning.

They also refused to believe that countries in the EU would want to arrange free trade agreements with the UK. Even when faced with balance of trade figures they stood up and asked what they thought was a rhetorical question 'do you really think that negotiating a free trade deal with the UK would be top of their list of priorities?'

Well, yes. For Germany and France, the UK is their biggest export market, and I can't imagine the chairman of Mercedes Benz saying to his board, 'well, the UK aren't in political union with us anymore, so damn them! I'm not letting them buy any of our cars!'


No, I'm sure the wise folk of the EU would much rather put at the top of their list the rules relating to the space for mounting the rear registration plate of two or three-wheel motor vehicles

Crazy, the lot of them. It defies logic.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

more hypocrisy

So the Tories are trying to gain political capital by highlighting the splits in the Lib Dems over the EU. Unfortunately, they are so split themselves, they needed to send out this little e-mail to make sure that their massive divides between politicians weren't highlighted anymore:

I.e shut up and let Hague speak about it because we all know how utterly divided we are on the EU, and the only thing we can just about get consensus on is to have a referendum on the EU Treaty.

Can you imagine the shit Cameron would be in if Brown was clever and chose the referendum to be Do you want to stay in the EU and accept it with the new treaty, or do you want to leave? He's not going to give us one on the Constition because he will lose it, and after all those years of waiting to be PM, he's not going to call an election any time soon.

If it's a referendum on in or out, it'll be the LibLabCon saying yes and only UKIP providing the opposition. Again.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Odd e-mails I receive No.84672984

Thanks must go to Katie N Grady for informing me about a small snippet of her life in a truly bamboozling e-mail:

Boytoys always laughed at me and even bucks did in the urban lavatory!
Well, now I whoop at them, because I took Me_ga. d_ik.
for 7 months and now my shaft is badly greater than usual.
the way the in-flight dining and entertainment services
home to Reading in the Premiership.
penalty box and dropped off a pass for Stuart Downing,
Liberal leader, thirty Liberal MPs suppoted the motion
forward to those consultations," said McCormack.

Well, that makes perfect sense!

Tories attack lesbians?

From Dizzy, I discover that Zac Goldsmith 'Saviour of the World''s ecologist magazine is getting a little nanny-state with their views...
From a purely ecological standpoint, many vibrators and other sex toys don’t pass muster. They can be made of PVC and contain phthalates – cancer-promoting and hormone-disrupting chemicals. PVC also promotes a great deal of waste in its manufacture, and phthalates – which have been banned in children’s toys but not in grown-up toys – take a long time to break down. The lubricants necessary for the use of many sex toys can contain synthetic substances derived from petrochemicals and are likewise unsound.

Oh, bugger off and leave us alone. I mean, what stage have we reached when it is supposed to be safer to insert something which can shatter into your whatsit because the PVC ones take longer to break down?

The BBC and politicians might be convinced that climate change is a man made phenomenon (I suspect because it gives them another excuse to tax and control us)but there are some of use out there who tend to think for ourselves.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Death on Eurostar

Just to keep you all updated there has been an accident on the French section of track where Eurostar service 9141 was travelling from Brussels to London.

A trespasser on the track was hit by the high speed train and the MEP who informed me said he saw an arm flying past his window as the train jolted and shuddered.

Could it have been an immigrant trying to get to Calais? Who knows. But you heard it here first!

oooh, but it's been a long time. I lost any desire to moan at you all about stuff you already knew about.

Party politics is just getting silly at the moment. Let's take the latest proposals from 'Yet Another Tory Thinktank':

Shoppers using out-of-town supermarkets would be forced to pay car parking charges under new Conservative proposals to defend the traditional British high street.

Under the plans, councils would be given the power to demand that big supermarkets and other stores on the outskirts of towns charge their customers for parking.

The proposals - which are contained in the party's quality of life policy review that will be published on Thursday - are likely to face a backlash from shoppers, who have grown accustomed to free parking at the out-of-town supermarkets and shopping complexes. The 800-page report tries to deflect the inevitable criticism by stressing that the parking charges would be no greater than the amount people would pay in the nearest town centre.

Today we hear that Dave has given it the 'thumbs down' but shouldn't even have made it that far. These people surrounding themselves with millionaires who don't have to think about getting the shopping because the butler gets them organic food with the dirt still on it from some 'darling' little shop not dissimilar to the one entitled 'I saw you coming' on Harry Enfield's programme.

But what about this cracker?
Under the Tory plan for a greener world, all electrical goods, such as plasma screen televisions, that exceed precise limits on the permissible level of energy they use could be banned from sale.

I've got an idea for a greener world: stop overheating the planet but not spouting all of this hot air. Or, and here's a really good idea: Take Nicolas Soames's arse and plug up the hole in the ozone layer. That ought to help.

Here's another cracker from the Lib Dems:
Chris Davies says that the idea of holding a referendum on a document containing 250 ideas for mostly minor changes to the existing arrangements is ridiculous.

The MEP commented: "Hardly anyone voting would have read the proposals, and we would be none the wiser after a vote which bits they liked and which they opposed. We elect a government to make decisions of this kind.

What a good idea. Tell people that they're too stupid to understand, and don't even bother to explain it to them.
Even if it were true that it was not worth bothering, it's an astonishing thing for a politician to say.
But it's not even true. The implications of the treaty are perfectly easy to understand because the EU becomes a legal entity.

Where do you start with the Labour Party? Ten years of being fucked over, I suppose, and a Prime Minister who is happy to lie to us and say we don't need a referendum on the EU Constitution because it's not the EU constitution and who comes out with bullshit like dealing with immigration by imposing tests which won't be relevant to about 75% of immigrants.

I despair, really. Having sent out information that most of the stories coming out can't be done, it is just ignored. Why would anyone want the public to know the truth, eh? Then they might start asking questions, and that would never do.