Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bad shoe day

I was in London yesterday, and visited my shoe Mecca at Gina. There I was, all geared up to try on and buy beautiful shoes when they told me that not only did they not have them in my size, but they never have had them.

I was so sad I almost cried.

Are traffic wardens that bad?

I have always stood by the statement that if I were ever to succumb to having children (which I won't, but it's more interesting if I say it is a possibility) then I would rather they be a porn star than a traffic warden. Being a porn star is using ones initiatives and strengths, compared to making people pay for visiting their friends who live in London, or for popping into Gina for a quick peruse. But even more than that, I have discovered
I would rather they be a porn star (including the ol' chocolate starfish) than a European Commissioner.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and Richard Corbett, may I present Margot Wallstrom.

Can you imagine the horror of producing something that not only seeks to eek out every last penny from a sinking european ship by promoting the hopelessly ineffective European Super State, but one that also makes banal comments such as 'yes, I do know how to milk a cow'. Please. Who doesn't. Certainly most of the onanists in this place do, it being somewhat similar....

And I even chose to ignore the comments she made about the current US administration being racsit because black people suffered in New Orleans. Forgive me, but when I studied music, we learnt that New Orleans had a high percentage of black people living there, due to the effects of slavery. When slavery was finally abolished they then settled there and that's why New Orleans is famous for the jazz clubs etc. Can I combine my music and my mathmatics and say that maybe it is not racist that black people suffered, but more to do with statistics and demographics, Ms Wallstrom?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Let the people decide

Let The People Decide

Go on, click on it! There's pictures of women being gagged on there!

Although they are possibly not exactly the same images which came to mind when you first read that. It's a link to the webpage for the online petition for a referendum of the EU. We haven't had one for 45 years, and back then, those who voted yes did so in the belief that they were voting for a free trade bloc, not the political union they have ended up with.

Anyone who wants our country to be run from Westminster should sign up, as even today, more and more power is slipping away to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. The Constitution, which was rejected by two of the founding countries . France and the Netherlands, is being implemented through the back door. Immigration policy, case law of the ECJ taking precedence over the UK Constitution (yes, we do have one), tax policy, propaganda campaigns funded by you to persuade you that these tango men out here should be controlling your lives.

Even if you like the EU - which, by the way, means you are in favour of third world povery, inefficiency and political correctness taking precédence over common sense, surely you can't object to people being given the choice? Isn't that what democracy is all about?