Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Funding of Hamas

Have been getting a bit wound up about this: previously mentioned e-mail author Luisa morgantini has been spamming e-mail inboxes with some mulch about how the innocent of Palastine shouldn't suffer from lack of funding. Here are my issues:

1) Why should we give them money?
2) Are they really innocent if they elected a bunch of murdering terrorists to represent them?
3) Why should we give money to murdering terrorists?
4) Maybe if they stopped trying to kill people and fight the whole time, and concentrated on leaving people the f*ck alone then they wouldn't have to rely on money because they could go to work, companies would invest, they could, essentially, make their own money.

Seriously - why should we be giving money to these people? They make their choices and they should abide by it without needing the rest of the world to prop them up. Those who live by the sword, die by it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

UKIPwatch give away their fears

A little look on UKIPwatch and I notive that mr Corbett et al have been encouraging UKIP voters not to elect Nigel Farage as their leader. This in itself tells me that voting for Nigel Farage as leader is exactly what we should do, as it has the opposition rattled.

What did rather amuse me was that one of the reasons they put for not voting was that he was accused by some mad tart of having sex with him, which he denies outright. Indeed, I understand the words 'order' and 'harrassment' have come into the situation. Yet, this was published in the same week as the news broke about John Prescott (two johnnies)and his two year affair using public money with a colleague. I'm not a purist who thinks that someone elected to public office should live the life of a nun, but my problem with Prescott is that he spent so many years attacking the Tories for 'sleaze' and has done the same thing himself.

I sent an e-mail to Richard Corbett asking what he thought about John Prescott, especially in light of his comments about Mr Farage. I am still waiting for an answer but I will let you know.

Another e-mail I am awaiting a reply from is regarding Mr Chris Davies. He has been forced to resign after writing to a constituent saying that he hoped 'she enjoyed wallowing in her own filth'. Classy, Mr Davies, but at least he had the decency to apologise and step down. More than Mr Prescott, let's face it, and Mr Davies didn't have a bit of slap and tickle in Ardmiralty House!

Naturally, people have been e-mailing to express their solidarity and support to Mr Davies:

'Subject: concerning freedom of thought : no comment

My solidarity and respect to MEP Chris Davies. I dont know if he used rough words. But for sure he is right on the violation of human rights and international legality perpreted by the policies of israeli government.'

What we have there is someone who doesn't have a clue what they are talking about assuming that justice has not been done because she doesn't like Israel, and neither does Mr Davies. I am so glad these people have a vote in European legislation.

Wait for the next one, though:

Dear Chris, dear all

I would also wish to express my deep respect for your firm position, Chris.

It is shocking that you are punished for being courageous enough to express a clear critique of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians in the occupied land. This ill-treatment is clear for everybody with open eyes and scandalous for everybody with a warm heart. The EU is in a shameful position, our passivity and silent acceptance of what is going on is also an offence against the Rule of Law.

Best Regards

Margrete Auken

Punished for being courageous? What planet does this woman live on? Even Mr Davies thinks he went too far, but Mrs Auken thinks insulting the people who pay your wages is good and proper!

I wrote to her, copying in the Daily Telegraph article just incase she didn't have a flying fuck of a clue what she was talking about, and am waiting for the response....