Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spelthorne Primary

Last night was the Spelthorne Primary where local voters decided who would be the Conservative candidate, and thus probably the next MP.

There were a few candidates, as I have mentioned before, with one in particular actually being a local woman.

Contact this morning was from pissed off Spelthorne voters who had concluded that the Liberal Democrats flooded the primary and selected the candidate least likely to get appeal from the general population of Spelthorne: aspirational middle classes who prospered under Thatcher, people who work at Heathrow Airport and the occasional Toff.

Alas, because Central Office refuse to listen to what people on the ground say, these people now have a non local cambridge attending intellectual who is being supported by Boris Johnson and George Osborne.
The brief given to potential voters is below, emphasis mine:


Kwasi Kwarteng for Spelthorne: I am delighted to be a candidate for the Open Primary for Spelthorne this coming January. I promise to live in the constituency and be accessible to all constituents.

My two immediate priorities as an MP will be to improve Ashford Hospital and to to make sure that any decisions on the third runway are made only after widely consulting local opinion.

I will be a powerful voice for Spelthorne's interests in Westminster. I will talk to, and meet, as many constituents as I can. I will always have time to listen and learn. Please contact me on my e-mail: or visit my website at

I was born in 1975 to hard-working parents, who came to Britain from the Gold Coast in the 1960s. I was taught to work hard and believe in Britain. At Cambridge University, I earned a Bachelor's degree and a PhD in British History and also appeared on University Challenge in Jeremy Paxman's first year as the host.

I have worked as a company analyst in the City for 7 years, and as a journalist. I am currently writing a book, Ghosts of Empire, about the global legacy of the British Empire. This will be published by Harry Potter publishers, Bloomsbury, next year.

A quick look at the website (very short, one can only imagine that he hasn't actually had his eyes on representing Spelthorne for long but that any seat would do and central office would sort it out for him) brings us this nugget:
Dad went to the LSE, where one of his classmates, though only for a few months, was Mick Jagger.

His Dad once shared a class room with a former rocker? Jeez, he'll really listen to my problems and do what's best for the constituency and not the party. I bet he already has an opinion on the proposed housing development on Green Belt which was in the paper this week.

Vague connections to a walking scrotum with lips and a fictional wizard doesn't really compete with knowing the local area and understanding the concerns of the people who live there.

I also highlighted his points about Heathrow Airport, for a good reason. This proposal has been in the pipeline for a long time. It's just another indication of how Spelthorne is a means to an end for Mr Kwarteng and his CCHQ chums so he can whizz up the parliamentary career ladder and Cameron can say, "look, it's another black chap; we're not the nasty party of old at all!". Anyone who actually had any desire to represent the seat for the sake of wanting to represent that area would have a clue about the Third Runway. He hasn't a fucking clue because this is a last minute fix up by the people who are more interested in PR than actual politics.

One thing's for sure and that's that traditional Tory voters in Spelthorne will now suffer no moral crisis if they vote UKIP.

And phone calls I've had already with Tory party members are saying they hope he doesn't get the seat to send a message to Tory HQ that voters are there to be listened to.

There were good candidates in that list. I don't think this guy was one of them.


Many thanks to The Devil for confirming some earlier received Intel that Mr K does, in fact, have another link to our would be Prime Minister:
Having checked, I note that Mr Kwarteng modestly left off his years at Eton from his biog quoted in your post.

I can't imagine why he'd want to leave that off.


Witterings From Witney said...

As someone who lived in the Gold Coast during the late 50s the minute I saw his name I knew his origin! There may have been a 'primary' but no doubt the candidates were 'selected' - by CCHQ?

Yet another attempt to implement a multi-cutural society. Yet that is an oxymoron in that society is 'cultural', based on traditions and customs and to introduce other 'races' into a culture destroys the original.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Kwasi Kwarteng is an unusual name and I knew that I remembered it from somewhere...

Having checked, I note that Mr Kwarteng modestly left off his years at Eton from his biog quoted in your post.

No doubt, he didn't want to intimidate the good people of Sunbury with his intellectual prowess...


Trixy said...

I was told earlier that he went to Eton, but couldn't find the confirmation anywhere. Thank you for the confirmation my dear; what I was looking for for my update x

stonechat said...

No conspiracy here
I went chose the best candidate and voted for him in every round of voting. He hsould be a great MP