Saturday, January 02, 2010

Too little too late: Brown on terrorism

So our mighty Prime Minister has decided to pretend that he gives a shit about protecting anyone but himself by holding a 'summit' on terrorism.

Gordon Brown has called a summit in London to discuss radicalisation in Yemen, after the alleged failed bomb attack on a US plane over Detroit.
No 10 said the 28 January event had support from Washington and the European Union, and Mr Brown aimed to attract Saudi Arabia and Gulf states.

I'll just summarise my thoughts on terrorism right now, before I write anything else: Terrorists are murders regardless of what they are killing in the name of. I also think that the Government has been using the fear of terrorism to tighten it's controls on our daily lives whilst appearing to favour minority groups.

I don't care what colour, religion or gender someone is: we should all live by the same rules and be treated equally. Just because someone believes and says they act according to the writings of a book I consider to be fictional does not mean they should be treated any differently to anyone else: and that means better or worse.

Back to Brown.

It all looks like he's trying to be quite the statesman, doesn't it. He's skating over that criticism of the UK's record on terrorism by American advisors and going straight to the top with his charity ball top level summit. It's not unlike politicians to do such things and conveniently ignore all that they did before which assisted the situation in the first place.

Below is a letter sent to me by a reader who tried to get opposition politicians to ask questions to the government. Of course, he received no reply.

I heard what you said on Sky this lunchtime regarding Pakistani students. You may have heard the Radio 4 programme File on 4 recently concerning foreign war criminals and child molesters being in the UK and unable to be sent back to their own countries. What was inexplicably not mentioned was that there are many foreign terrorists in the UK that we harbour, as they have not committed crimes here cannot be sent back because they may face punishment in their own country that we (i.e. the EU) does not approve of. Whilst it may sound good to simply jump on the bandwagon of blaming Student Visas it is papering over the cracks because anyone wanting to come here for purposes of terrorism can just arrive and claim asylum.

It is not just Labour that has harboured terrorists; the Conservatives did as well. Remember the Spanish train bombers? It ook 22 months of legal fighting to get one of them extradited to the UK from his hiding place in the UK. And as soon as the court case started he arrived back in the UK - but the EU is a huge supporter of freedom of movement. There was also the case of Rachid Ramba that we would not extradite to France which you can read about here.

Going back further, the UK government supported Abu Hamza and his henchmen, including his nephew, that were found guilty of bombing a Hotel, the British Consulate and a UN office in Yemen. The Government successfully managed to get those terrorists freed and back to the UK for protection. How is this looking after the interests of the public? Abu Hamza of course is another one that we protect from the USA as well as his home country. Then there is Hizb ut tarir with its HQ in London and Saad al Faqih. Blair promised the Saudi Royals that he would send them back to Saudi if the King released some British convicted bombers. He then reneged on the deal and very nearly lost us the Typhoon contract.

I could go on but would probably be arrested. However, I must mention Binyam Mohamad who, much to Labour’s pride, is in the UK and on target to be a millionaire for his terrorist activities. Of course George Bush wanted to close Guantanamo Bay but could not find homes for the suspects there as few countries were willing to take back people with terrorist links. The UK not only wants its own: it fights to get back anyone with a link to UK and any others that they can conceivable convince the US authorities to give to us. Labour even rubbed the British peoples’ noses in it by flying back Mohamed in a private jet to the Royal Squadron at Northolt.

It is incredible and I dearly hope that Blair, Brown and the other supporters of terrorism are brought to justice, not least for their abuse of UNSCR 1373.

Yours etc

So why didn't Brown do something about this all when he had the chance? They waste no time in limiting the rights of law abiding citizens through draconian measures whilst pissing our taxes up the wall on projects dreamt up in the dining rooms of islington during the humous course. But doing something simple like not giving asylum to people who don't abide by our laws whilst giving them our hard earned cash to do so is apparently de rigeur for spineless MPs bound by their love of the EU and the knowledge that the British People only really get upset about something that happens on a television programme.

Needless to say the media will report the basics of this summit and gloss over the complicated bits. i.e the detail.

But worry not, chaps, for there's particularly gripping series of adverts on the BBC about the 25th anniversary of EastEnders to keep you entertained whilst they waste our money and limit our freedoms.


Old Holborn said...

Let's put two and two together

Saudi's are sick of Somali refugees in Yemen blowing up Saudi oil wells.

Solution? Make Somalis and Yemeni's the new Saddam by arranging for a failed attack on a US airliner.


For your protection, of course

(Well, protection of American Oil companies profits, actually)

Trixy said...

Somalis are a dangerous bunch but UNCLOS III comes into play with the pirates which makes them a tricky game.

As for another war? We can't afford it in terms of cost or retention and recruitment into the armed forces. Afghan is the one to finish first and of course make sure Pakistan is secure.

All this summit will do is just make it look like Brown is doing something about the latest short term concern in a run up to an election and then have more pointless 'security' measures on aircraft to make us feel better.

subrosa said...

When has money entered into the minds of our politicians where war is concerned? Ooops don't say the word war because that would mean the present conflict would have to be paid out of main treasury funds.

Our present politicians now have a taste for war and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they moved a few thousand from Afghanistan towards the end of the year and put them into Yemen. The US would of course dictate the timing, as always.

As OH says, must protect US oil interests.

ukipwebmaster said...

Banana Alert!