Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The YES vote President

As you can tell from the wall to wall coverage in the national and regional media the European Parliament is wasting more of your money by gathering in Strasbourg.

The Commission president for 2004 2009 President Barosso is standing for re-election on the grounds, I suspect, that no one else has thrown their hat in the ring.

I won't bore you with details of his speech because he's a fucking dull bastard and slippery as an eel covered in slime but here's the thing.

He was president when the French and Dutch voted no and he said that the Irish should vote again when they gave the wrong answer to the almost identical Lisbon Treaty.

So why are the British Conservatives voting for this man? He doesn't want a referendum in the UK which they were supposed to be desperate for and he's already going to be putting into place elements of the Lisbon Treaty even before the insulting re run of the Irish referendum.

Because he'll be chosing the new President and the Foreign Secretary for the EU. Chosing the jobs before the Irish have had to vote again because they've poured so much of your money into this YES vote, traveling round the country lying to people, that they think it's already there.

So decent Tories should be voting against Barosso on principle, surely?

Or do they not have those anymore?


The Minstrel Boy said...

Don't they have what? Decent Tories or principles? I think most of the 3 main parties MPs. parted company with decency and principles a long time ago, along with honesty, loyalty, and a duty of allegiance to serve and represent the people of Britain! The same people who were openly lied to, in previous elections by all 3 parties. They are all pro-EU, and would have broken election promises of holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/EU membership, should they have been elected. I intend to vote UKIP if we make it to the next election before the government enforces a 'state of emergency', and enforces the 'Civil contingencis act'. If this act is enforced, all elections can be suspended indefinately. Considering the state of the nation's finances, unemployment, and peoples general mistrust of our uncaring, elitist, arrogant MPs, it is not a completely unthinkable scenario. There's another thing that's not been widely publicised. How many people are aware that Parliament is due to close early in 2010 for ’building work’ of an unspecified time? Just when we should be having a General Election! Eliminating National Parliaments is an important element in abolishing the nation states and having the new EU regions directly controlled from Brussels.

Mac the Knife said...

"Or do they not have those anymore?"