Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How many times do they have to say it?

So, it comes as no surprise that the wonderfully fucking democratic cunts at the EU have once again stuck their fucking oar in and said that Ireland's refusal to ratify the "Lisbon Treaty" is entirely unacceptable and they need to fucking have another vote. And I suspect that if the bog-trotters tell them to "feck off, you feckin' feckers" once more, it will just go around until they give in and give them the correct answer.

Fuck the fact that the Irish have a rule that says that constitutional changes require referenda. I bet once they're ground down into accepting Lisbon, there'll be some handy fucking clause that means that they will never have another referendum. They'll be fucked, and fucked forever.

Meanwhile, the utterly useless buttered new potato will be keeping his fingers crossed that the bog-trotters fold before he has to grow a set and tell the EU to take a flying fuck at a sugar frosted doughnut. Despite the fact that the cuntweasels in Labour promised us a referendum at the last election, which contributed to their election victory (probably not a lot, but it definitely did), we're never going to get a referendum thanks to the virulently pro-EU political class.

Call Me Dave has not got the stones to have a referendum, really. I'm not sure he doesn't want the UK deeply embedded into the pucker of the EU's arsehole. Even if the Irish do tell the EU to suck their collective balls, Dave's going to find a way out of this one. Wait and see.

But in the mean time, the fucking EU will keep on asking the question until everyone gives in. Or they'll just fucking ignore all the dissent and go ahead without our consent. Fuck, it's not like they need it already.

Your money will keep disappearing into the bottomless pit of the EU's unaudited-for-a-decade accounts, your rights and even the judiciary will keep being homogenised to EU standards.

The return of the individual to precedence will become ever more unlikely and the state will blossom from the current invasive horror of a dysfunctional, out-of-touch and unaccountable national government and quangoes to an even more dysfunctional, out-of-touch and unaccountable multi-national EU government.

So if you see an Irishman between now and the referendum, buy him a drink and ask him nicely to vote no. The longer we hold the EU at bay, the better the chances of something or someone game-changing coming along, like the LPUK or UKIP, if it survives the departure of Farage as leader.

Because there's certainly no LibLabCon fucker out there who gives me hope at the moment.

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