Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The best debate on the Lisbon Treaty

Watch Farage rip Dick Roche a new arsehole here


Purple Man said...

"You're a Jean Monnet Professor then are you?" Bwahahahahaha.

scunnert said...

Dick Roche seemed to get more time than the any other speaker - in fact the chair seemed to obsequiously defer to him.

Questions from the floor appeared to be mostly plants in support of the yes campaign.

On the whole - unsatisfying.

The Minstrel Boy said...

Excellent debate, which raised all the relevant concerns and issues. However, the 'yes' campaigners did nothing to reassure the people of Ireland that anything had been done to address these issues, despite the fact that they seemed to get more than their fair share of the airtime. Most of the 'yes' campaigners are more worried they will be kicked off the EU gravy train than what is in the best interest for Ireland. Let's hope common sense prevails and the people of Ireland sat NO again, with an even bigger majority than before. I might even consider moving there if they do!