Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Farage vs Bercow: the plot thickens

Reform my fucking arse. Just because he now has a decent candidate standing against him why on earth should johnny tax payer - already sitting in a shop doorway, covered by a stained blanket kept company by a hungry dog - fork out for him to have a spin doctor?

He's already show that he has quite enough money to dip into his current account and pay back the tax he should have paid on his second home had he been a decent sort of chap and so, if he feels he needs his mate Tim Hames to make him look good to the voters, why can't he pay for it out of his own pocket?

Mr Bercow, the MP for Buckingham, “flipped” the designation of his main and second homes between London and his constituency so that he could designate each as his main home at the time he sold it. It meant he paid no capital gains tax on either sale.

While he insisted that he had done nothing wrong, Mr Bercow said he had decided to “voluntarily” pay tax on the profit from the sale of one of the houses. “From 1997 until early 2003, I designated my constituency home as my second home,” he said. “I did make changes in the designation of my homes during the course of 2003 as a result of which CGT was not payable.”

Why should we all have to pay for him to keep his seat when he's already proven that he cares not a jot for what we think? The only thing he stands for is election. I'm delighted that he'll have to fight to remain the MP in Buckingham.


Purple Man said...

Bless the more bastard, he's scared shitless. As he should be.

ukipwebmaster said...

Nigel goes on the attack: