Friday, July 17, 2009

Socialists: why don't they have a sense of humour?

Given their policies and their absolute determination to ignore the lessons of history and plough every country they have power of into the dark ages you'd have thought they'd have a blinding sense of humour.

But no. Proof was given once again in Strasbourg when the woman who makes Harriet Harperson look like a decent member of society; our beloved new Minister for Europe, was giving a press conference.

I'll let another fruitloop, Mary Honeyball, set the scene:

Yesterday UKRep, the UK Permanent Representation to the European Union, held their traditional reception to welcome British MEPs to the European Parliament. It was, for me, a deeply depressing experience.

Shall we find out why it was a 'deeply depressing experience'? It's not, as you might imagine, because it was full of idiots who think Keynesian economics and ignoring the choice of the voters is a good idea.

It's much more serious than that...
Not only were most of the UKIP MEPs present; they were also accompanied by young women in fairly flimsy purple dresses...

Did you read that? Can you see how appalling that must be? Women went to an event looking good! They weren't sporting paunches and crew cuts or unattractive suits which made them look of questionable gender.

Glenys! bring the tar and I'll fetch the feathers!

It does, however, get worse. Lady G was talking about how wonderful it was that 35% of British MEPs were women and quite rightly pointed out that they needed to ensure they had something to do.
However, there were some bright spots. It was good to see British Commissioner Cathy Ashton there. The keynote address from Baroness Glenys Kinnock, Minister for Europe, was absolutely delightful. At last we have a Europe Minister who knows not only knows the subject but has years of experience as an MEP. Glenys, of course, talked about her passion, international development, and how she wished to continue contributing to Europe on the world stage.

Cue a voice from the back from that sexist beast Godfrey Bloom who said that, and I can hardly bring myself to type it, 'They can make the tea'. To add insult to injury those floozies in their dresses had the audacity to laugh. They actually laughed at a joke. Whilst wearing a dress and being a woman.

Of course, the socialists standing next to them quite rightly told them all that they should not be laughing at jokes because they weren't funny.

Godders himself thought that Mary Honeyball was playing an absolute blinder as far as humour was concerned. "Mary Honeyball's going to scratch your eyes out ladies for looking significantly more attractive than she..." he warned.


Sue said...

She really is a shameful example of womanhood and an ugly old cow!

Dick Puddlecote said...

I saw that on her blog earlier but I've reached my Moneyball-baiting quota for the month.

I often wonder if it is a lack of sense of humour or just jealousy of women who are happy being women.

Whatever, it makes for some right dull people.

Michael Heaver said...

Labour MEPs jealous of UKIP totty? Female politicians are still females, right?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Technically, but if you've ever read Hairy's blog, she is never happy when women show their feminine side.

Previous examples have been attacks on high heels and a cartoon portrayal of a girl wearing a crop top (two written questions to an EU Commissioner for that one).

Hairy's heels would collapse under the strain and can you imagine the surplus flubber if she wore a crop top?

Best they all wear corsets and dungarees really.

Thatsnews said...

Ummm... hang on... Let's back this up a tad, shall we?

The second part of her batty statement was bad enough. But what of the first part? This is the scary part, in my humble opinion)

Not only were most of the UKIP MEPs present...

It seems obvious that Ms Honeyball resents UKIP MEPs daring to be present.

Ms Honeyball would do well to remember something called democracy. It's probably an alien concept to her, though.

And why does she conflate UKIP with the BNP? Is it 'cos she's thick?

Any road up (as we Brummies say) here are some anagrams of ms Mary Honeyball

Allay Sombre Hymn
Anal Symbol Rhyme
Mama's Belly Horny
Shamble Army, Only
Rehab Many Mollys
Blames Royal Hymn
Shyly, Ramble, Moan
Lamb's Royal Hymen
Men Harm Sally Boy

That's enough!

James Higham said...

It's uncanny but they don't have any humour, do they? Too intent on taking over the world and rearranging society on the basis of impossible positive discrimination.