Thursday, July 16, 2009

quid pro quo?

If we can just sidestep the main focus of the Blair story that he is the UK's choice to be EU President* and go to the issue that this POSITION DOES NOT EXIST AND SHOULD NOT EXIST BECAUSE THE LISBON TREATY HAS NOT BEEN RATIFIED AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WERE DENIED THE RIGHT TO HAVE THEIR SAY.

That's how much they hate you. They couldn't care less if a rabid sheep walked up to you with a SA 80 Mk II, fixed Bayonets and turned you into his Christmas tree angel with some extra intestinal tinsel. They want a federal Europe and so you'll fucking get one.

*in 2005 when Blair handed over the rebate word on the ground was he'd done it so that he'd get the presidency of the EU. And here we are.

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