Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I agree with Liz Jones...

It's not that often I agree with Liz Jones, but this article really did have me nodding along as I munched my morning repast:

As a woman with no children, I am constantly outraged, too, at the way the Government heaps incentives upon prospective parents.

Money for fruit and veg, child support, baby's trust fund, help with childcare, flexible bloody working, tax breaks. Never mind the ludicrous idea of putting IVF on the NHS, as if having a baby were a God-given right and not a blessing.
I believe that women should pay for the services of a midwife and health visitor. I don't have a child in education, so how about the Government gives me some money?

Quite bloody right!

Now I know that those of us who don't want to be mothers are usually considered mental and will end up with a certain number of cats but quite frankly it's much better than having to squeeze a melon out of a lemon, lactate everywhere and have your husband run off and bang his secretary because you smell of sick.

I fail to see why I should have my money taken from me and given to other people for their lifestyle choice.

I go to the gym a lot. That's quite good for me so how about I get a gym allowance?

Or because I'm now spawning potential voters does that not count?


McGonagall said...

The UK needs to constantly replenish its supply of consumers in order for the economy to remain healthy and vibrant. Your selfish choices puts added pressure on other breeders to produce more children than they normally would - these are the true heroes (heroines?). Shame on you - you selfish, barren, bimbo.

James Higham said...

The majority are families. We are the others.

Moderniser said...

An interesting one. However, some are too poor to may for mid-wifes and a health visitor. I would operate a system similar to the legal-aid operation whereby the most vulnerable are looked after, but others who can afford to pay do so.

The Minstrel Boy said...

Trixy. Going to the gym is good for you,- and bad for the government. If you choose not to have children and go to the gym, you will have considerably less stress in your life. There will be a good chance of you living past retiring age which will mean the government will have to pay you back all the N.I. contributions in your pention. I have noticed that the government seems to be actively encouraging girls to get pergnant at an ever younger age recently, quite the opposite of what they tell the public about discouraging teenage pregnancies. In doctors surgeries all over the country there are large posters offering £190 grants for newly pregnant girls to help with 'healthy eating during pregnancy', While schoolchildren are being taught sex education at ever younger ages, and are offered free contraceptives when they are still below the legal age of consent! My nine year old son came home from school recently, asking me and my wife questions about condoms, sanitary towels and homosexuals! All this at 9 years old??!! Unfortunately, parents have no say over the content of sex education in schools anymore, and are soon to lose the right to 'opt out' of the lessons! What troubled times we live in!

Trixy said...

Well, that's bad news for the politicians, then, because I'll be moaning and pointing out their obvious failures and moronic decisions whilst they give me some of my money back.

Why do 9 year olds need to know about condoms? And why am I paying for multiplying trampy girls to eat?

The Minstrel Boy said...

I've been actively pointing out their 'obvious failings and moronic decisions to politicians for some time now. The trouble is, they just don't bloody listen to anyone but themselves! Re.-trampy girls, most trampy, pregnant girls from West Yorkshire council estates don't bother spending the £190 on food. They just blow it all in one weekend of binge-drinking and night clubs, and sod the health of their unborn child!

Quote from ‘The Mail Online’. 22.07.09.

British Parents 'will have no say' over sex education in schools
Parents will be given barely any say in the content of sex education classes under Government plans to make the subject compulsory for children as young as five, a report warns today. Schools are currently free to draw up their own policies on sex education and are obliged to consult parents.
But proposals unveiled by Children's Secretary Ed Balls earlier this year to make the subject mandatory in primary and secondary schools will inevitably limit parents' influence, says a report from the Family Education Trust. Parents would have less power to keep explicit materials out of the classroom and object to the Government's 'misplaced' and 'counterproductive' promotion of contraceptives in lessons.
Norman Wells, the trust's director, said: 'Making personal, social and health education statutory would reduce the influence of parents over what is taught. 'Making it part of the curriculum would inevitably make schools less accountable to parents in what is a particularly sensitive and controversial subject area.' He added: 'There is a definite agenda at work to undermine the role of parents and to tear down traditional moral standards. The need for parents to be alert and vigilant has never been greater.'

MehIntaor said...

I only very partly agree with you.

1) I wholehaeartedly agree with you that no-one should have to pay for another's children. You effectively do that partially if you choose to enroll your kids in a private school to pay part of the admin fees which run it yatta yatta... (though the cost is for your own child, isn't it).

But, I digresss...

2) People in society should have children, unless you're a genius and actually contribute to the advancement of society, you could at least do society a favor back by not being ballast and ensure the future generation instead of being some eterna-teen, because YOU WILL GET OLD, turn into a helpless, physically and intellectually degenerate dried-up veiny prune and eventually croak like a dumb, squished, raspy SENILE OLD FROG, whether you're English or not. So you're not that special, no matter whatever stupid bimbo mag you read, so get over yourself you insecure twit.


3) Fight your fucking government, they should not be sponsoring state, or private, whores having kids, or your stupid fantasy cats or gym habit

4) Get a husband (that can overlook your past sluttiness, I couldn't, though I'd gladly fuck you) and

5) Get fucking pregnant you lazy bitch!


6) Take care you child does not repeat your mistakes.

Never met ya, but I LOVE YA! XD

P.S.: Oh, and you're not a woman until you pass a melon through your lemon, and if it's the size of a fucking lemon, you're a skank.