Monday, July 20, 2009

brief intermission

I feel like crap. No, it's not this ridiculous 'swine flu' bullshit which is about as dangerous as a blunt cheese grater (seriously: no need to buy V for Vendetta just put the news on) but some normal bug combined with having been treated like crap by people over the last few days. One supposed good friend decided to steal 300 quid off me which is kind, so I can't go on holiday this summer. Another thought he'd just turn round after asking me to travel to the other end of the country and act like it was a surprise that I was there.

Must stop letting people mistake my desire to be a good person for some wish to be treated like a doormat.

Any pieces of advice, apart from becoming a lesbian, greatly received.


TheBigYin said...

Bloody hell darl, with friends like those maybe you should become a lesbian, I mean, think of the benefits in this 'women can't be women because their...err...a woman NuZanuLabour environment!'

We blokey blokes use the three steps to having the arse ripped out of us.

1. You've taken the piss out of me once, it won't happen again.

2. Ok, you've taken the shite out of my good nature once too often, see 1 (us men have went from piss to shite, we are soooo erudite).

3. "What do you mean your not my mate anymore? I only gave you a slap in front of our friends before kicking the excrement out of you (see, this male didn't use the same words thrice) in front of all our friends screaming 'where's my £300 you stole from me bitch..err..Mr. (us males wouldn't use the word bitch whilst kicking ten bells out of someone, that would be too harsh a punishment!)'

See, that's how us blokes would do it...if the culprit was smaller than us, weaker than us and...well you get the picture.

If you can't do what men do (it would seem, going by gut rot TV, young women want to be just like us MSP's,) then revert back to what god gave women...cunning, men can't handle cunning, cunnilingus yes, cunning no.

So get back to basics girl, take no shit and, above all, be cunning, you can do it. Lol.

Or there's still lesbianism?

Trixy said...

Well, beating the shit out of thief wouldn't be too tricky if he was nearby but he's hiding from me.

As for the other? Jeez, why didn't I punch him when I had the chance? Now it's too late - just must remove all traces from my life and send to the island of lost men with all the other fuck bogglers.

Don't want to be a lesbian. Have long hair and pretty shoes.

scunnert said...

I:ve raised three daughters with the advice that you never give a man a second chance.

Sue said...

Treat em mean, keep em keen. That's what my mum taught me and it works!

The Great Simpleton said...

Name and shame, especially the theif. You have a duty to ensure the rest of us don't fall for these bastards.