Friday, May 22, 2009

Never one to be outdone

So we've had weeks of revelations that MPs have been using our money to feather their own nests and most of them don't see anything wrong with it. And the others who don't think there's anything wrong with what they've been doing and have resigned still did it in the first place and probably would be if they hadn't been caught.

But this story in the Telegraph really takes it to new levels.

Eighteen "phantom" MEPs will be elected on full pay and perks next month despite not being able to start work for up to two years due to Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty...

The deal will mean they can draw full salaries and allowances at an annual cost of over £6 million without any legislative duties to carry out.

Let's just set aside, for the moment, the fact that we will be having an additional 18 MEPs elected who won't be doing any fucking work but will be living off the tax payer: they are so determined and confident that they can get this treaty through that they're even altering the legal system to accommodate it.

The current treaties don't allow for these additional MEPs, the Lisbon Treaty has not been ratified and is not in force because Ireland said no and so there shouldn't be these additional MEPs.

Why oh why do they hate democracy so much and despise the will of the people that they bulldoze through any opinions except their own? You can imagine them reading GCSE history books about the Nazis and making notes. Not for the exams, to make guidance notes.

Can we have photos of all those who are elected as phantom MEPs and monitor exactly what they do and exactly what they spend? For if they were any decent kind of people they'd not take the salary, not take the position and not waste the money.

Fucking duck islands look pretty lame in comparison to an entirely made up job and staff.


UKIP Gaze said...

No newspaper will do any kind of follow up. Shocking.

Jabba the Cat said...

And the UKIP online full MEP expenses listings are where?