Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Telegraph gear up their anti-UKIP campaign

It's hard to tell these days which party the Telegraph supports: Tories or Labour. A glance at private eye points thirsty and his crew firmly in the socialist pit but it's still strewn with people who think the Tory party are the way forward. One must congratulate them on noticing any conceivable difference for I certainly can't.

At least they're pretty determined on one point: UKIP bashing.

This piece for example, based on fuck all but tittle tattle from bitter incompetent has-beens, is a prime example.

What they've done is ignore the polling results which show UKIP on double where they were this time in 2004, ignore the meteoric rise throughout the campaign when the anti debate crew in Westminster didn't get their way for a few weeks, and just decided to write what they think will encourage their readers to either vote Tory or Labour.

It's where the old and the new at the ToryLabourgraph can actually meet: Labour are so shit and have fucked up so much that UKIP could maximise on those Labour voters embarrassed by their previous party of choice particularly on the cringe making subject of the referendum. Tories always lose votes to UKIP because many Tories don't like the EU whereas, bizarrely, their leadership do: Look at the cult status of Dan Hannan if you don't believe me.

Of course, this year it's even more convoluted because no one is exactly sure what the Tories are going for this time round. Apart from their dye in the wool voters and people who mistakenly think they're going to 'bring power back from Brussels'.

I hope they both lose voter because they want this country to be ruled by pen pushers rather than politicians and, whatever the many faults of politicians, at least we vote for the bastards and that means we can get rid of them too.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed, that article is tedious recycled crap.

Mr Eugenides said...

The Telegraph is going downhill at a rate of knots - at least in the days when the Eye mocked it for being the Hurleygraph there were usually a couple of pictures of nice-looking posh birds dotted around the news section.

I seem to recall betting you, maybe a year ago, that UKIP would lose seats this time round... still reckon I'm wrong?

I haven't looked at the opinion polls in any great detail but I reckon you're going to get creamed.

Scary Mary said...

You're being a bit disingenous there, saying that the article is 'based on fuck all but tittle tattle from bitter incompetent has-beens'
Were Mote and Wise knee-deep in fraud? Yes. Not tittle-tattle.

Did Kilroy bid to become party leader, fail and found Veritas? Yes. Not tittle-tattle.

Has Farage promised to resign if he doesn't get 10 seats? Yes. Not tittle-tattle.

Did Robin Page resign? Yep. Is he an incompetent has-been? Yep but isn't he pretty representative of UKIP's membership?

Trixy said...

'I still think Miliband is a pointless bollock jockey, but after the fiasco of my Glasgow East prediction I offer no prognosis on his chances of succeeding as Labour leader should Brown be defenestrated.'
Always happy to have a bet with you, Mr E.


Robin Page was not representative and didn't so much resign as throw all his toys out of the pram and scream at the Telegraph and Mail, always keen to bash UKIP.

Ashley Mote never sat as a UKIP MEP because, as he did with Tom Wise, Farage kicked them out.

What did the Tories do with theirs? Where's Giles Chichester now? Top of the Tory SW MEP list. Den Dover? He's still no. 2 in the North West after Robert Atkins who also featured prominently in the NOTW expenses stories. And they made Wise look like schoolboys pinching tuck money.

However, the main point is that this comes from nowhere other than an editor saying to someone 'write something shitty about UKIP, don't tell them or give them a right to reply'.

Shitty. Shitty behaviour and cheap, shitty journalism.

I'll steal the phrase of a friend who wrote to said journalist:
'I am astonished that you felt it was reasonable to write such an aggressive piece about the UK Independence Party without so much as a word with us. It is wholly partisan and biased.

Can you imagine if a piece had been written about the Conservative Party in reference to the European Elections in which the only mentions were,

1) The resignation of both the leader and chief whip of the Conservative Group of MEPs over expenses scandal.
2) The way in which the Conservatives took three years and counting to fulfil David Cameron's sole leadership election promise of leaving the EPP Group.
3) The way in which they went back on their manifesto pledge on withdrawal from the Common Fisheries Policy.
4) The way in which they are unable to give a straight answer about a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, only relying on the Irish people to decide the future of Britain.

Having written such a piece then to publish it without speaking to a single Tory member or press officer, only relying on a cut and paste job from a GQ magazine article. '